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Specialized Expertise and Consultation

Our Forensic Psychiatry Service collaborates with numerous partners in the public and private sectors where mental health and legal dilemmas arise. The program is a national and regional resource.  Through numerous partnerships with a variety of local, state, and national organizations, we provide expert consultation, education, evaluations, and treatment options for those facing criminal, civil, and administrative challenges at the intersection of forensic psychiatry/psychology and the law. These services are informed by research and scholarship in forensic psychiatry and psychology.


Expertise includes consultation, treatment, and evaluations in the following areas of forensic psychiatry and psychology:


  • Assessment of sexual offenders
  • Assessment of insanity acquittees for release and progression
  • Asylum and immigration issues
  • Consultation to organizations involving forensic questions.
  • Correctional mental health care
  • Competency and Criminal Responsibility including sanity in criminal proceedings.
  • Competency or capacity assessments in civil contexts including testamentary, contract competency, medical aid in dying, and questions of guardianship.
  • Dangerousness and risk assessments in civil and criminal situations including workplace and school violence and ERPO’s.
  • Death penalty mitigation and appellate consultation
  • Disability and workmen’s compensation assessments
  • Ethical and legal issues in mental health care, practice, and organizations
  • Expert assessments in neonaticide, infanticide, and other family related tragedy
  • Fitness for duty evaluations in all professions
  • Involuntary commitment and treatment
  • Juvenile justice system evaluations including competency assessments, transfer evaluations, developmental and trauma assessments, student risk and threat assessments.
  • Malpractice, personal injury, workplace litigation
  • Malingering
  • Professional misconduct in health care and other professions
  • Second opinions in forensic evaluations and standard of practice expertise
  • Trauma and PTSD assessments





Forensic Psychiatry Services and Training Program


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