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Webinars & Specialized Trainings

Unstuck and On Target Training for Caregivers

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May 1, 8, 15, & 22, 2023, 5:30-7:00PM MST


$300.00 - $325.00

REGISTRATION CLOSES Monday April 24th, 2023

This live, 4-session webinar is designed to provide caregivers of children on the autism spectrum with an improved understanding of executive functioning (EF) difficulties that impact their child’s daily functioning and teach caregivers evidence-based, easy to use tools to support their child with EF struggles. Through using both a flexible e-learning tool called “eUnstuck and On Target” and attending live educational presentations, caregivers will learn strategies to understand and address their child’s difficulties with regulation of feelings, behavior and thinking. Caregivers will learn techniques that will allow them to coach their children in ways that foster improved flexibility, regulation and skills for organizing goals and plans. These strategies and techniques are derived from the Unstuck and On Target curriculum (© 2021, Cannon, Kenworthy, Alexander, Werner and Anthony).

Prior to registering for this course, we strongly recommend that caregivers visit the Unstuck and On Target website ( and look at the videos and other resources under the “Families and Caregivers” tab. This is recommended to help caregivers decide if the focus and content of the course is applicable to them and their interactions with their child.

Learning Objectives
After this webinar, participants will be able to:

  • Identify struggles with executive functioning (EF) that are commonly under-recognized or misunderstood in children on the autism spectrum.
  • Describe accommodations and other tools that help reduce overload and bridge gaps created by EF difficulties.
  • Name strategies that improve flexibility, regulation and planning skills in children who struggle with executive functioning.

Who this course is intended for: Parents or other close family members caring for children on the autism spectrum who are between the approximate ages of 8 and 11 years old. The Unstuck and On Target curriculum is for school-aged youth with good verbal skills but who display difficulty with executive functioning skills.

Prevention & Wellness Programs

1 Hour Sessions

Building Resiliency (for parents or teens)
In this training, participants will: 

  • Define and identify resiliency 
  • Discuss strategies to assist with building one’s own or others resiliency
  • Practice skills that can help participants bounce back from adversity

Participants will receive a handout on tools to help build resiliency.

Also available for teenagers and children.

Cost is $250 for groups of 10-50.

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Mental Health Education

1 Hour Sessions

Anxiety 101 
In this interactive training, participants will:

Identify signs and symptoms of diagnosable anxiety
Learn the cycle of avoidance associated with anxiety
Recognize simple strategies in addressing anxiety
Practice exercises to help manage anxiety 

Participates will receive handout with strategies and practice exercises.

Cost is $250 for groups of 10-50. 

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Specialized Multiple Module Sessions

Athletic staff will have options to engage in a series of four programs:

  • Understanding mental health
  • Building resiliency
  • Stress management
  • Self-care

Through each interactive program, athletic staff will learn tips and tools to best support and promote their athletics mental wellbeing by identifying and engaging in preventive actions.

Each module is approximately 30-45 minutes in length.

Cost is $200 per workshop. Bundle discounts are available.

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Suicide Prevention & Awareness

1-2 Hour Sessions

VitalCog Suicide Prevention

This session helps people appreciate the critical need for suicide prevention while creating a forum for dialogue and critical thinking regarding mental health and other contributing factors. Participants will learn how to promote help-seeking and help-giving behaviors to cultivate a community of people who are aspiring to eliminate the impact of suicide. 

Current options include:

  • VitalCog: Suicide Prevention in the Workplace
  • VitalCog: Suicide Prevention in Construction
  • VitalCog: Suicide Prevention for Athletic Staff

In this interactive training, participants will:

  • Discuss importance in suicide prevention in at-risk settings/workplaces
  • Identify risk factors and warning signs as they pertain to different industry settings and environments 
  • Discuss and practice direct conversations about suicide

Participants will receive a workbook, wallet card, and sticker.

Cost is $350 for groups of 20-30.

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