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Our Vision 

The CU Forensic Psychiatry Services and Training Program strives to be the Rocky Mountain Region center of excellence in the field of forensic psychiatry. We are committed to continuous improvement in the quality and standards of forensic practice and committed to training the next generation of forensic experts to address public and private challenges in forensic systems of care and assessment.

Our Mission

The CU Forensic Psychiatry Services and Training Program provides expert consultation, assessment, and treatment within the criminal, civil, correctional, and administrative systems at the intersection of psychiatry and the law while contributing knowledge and scholarship in the fields of forensic psychiatry and forensic psychology.

Our Values

The CU Forensic Psychiatry Services and Training Program adheres to the highest clinical and ethical standards of forensic practice in its partnerships with individuals, families, the legal system, and other organizations. The values of respect, honesty, fairness, transparency, social justice, diversity, equity, inclusiveness, and continuous quality improvement in the delivery of forensic services with our individual and organizational partners are foundational to our program.


The CU Forensic Psychiatry Services and Training Program is located within the Division of Community, Population, and Public Mental Health in the Department of Psychiatry. Through partnerships with the Office of Civil and Forensic Mental Health (OCFMH), private mental health providers in correctional settings, ongoing consultation with federal, state, and municipal agencies within the criminal justice system, and relationships with law firms in both criminal and civil litigation, our faculty provides regional and national expertise in various forensic situations and settings.





Forensic Psychiatry Services and Training Program



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