PRI Cores & Services


Biostatistics Core (Director: Susan Mikulich, PhD; Consultant: Crystal Natvig, MPH)

This Core provides consultation and direct support related to statistical approaches and data management. This may include:

  • Study design
  • Power analysis
  • Data analysis approaches
  • Database design
  • Data extraction/management (COMPASS, EPIC)


Research Operations Core (Director: Claudia Iannelli, MA)

This Core provides consultation and direct support related to research processes including regulatory, project management, database design, standard assessment training, research communications, and tracking outcomes. This may include:

  • Regulatory support: reviewing and submitting regulatory documents, OnCore regulatory sign-off, setting up study binder
  • Project management: setting up study binder, study participant reimbursement, designing and maintaining research database (REDCap), recruiting study participants and consenting, monitoring study status, personnel coverage
  • Others: research assistance (on as needed-basis)


Clinical Research Support Core (Director: Christine Garver-Apgar, PhD)

This Core oversees the PRI pilot study grant funding programs (clinical track, and research track) and provides consultation services for clinical researchers. This may include:

  • Formulating study questions
  • Tracking of outcomes
  • Selection of assessments


Research Education Core (Director: Emmaly Perks, MA, CCRP)

This Core aims to advance research proficiency and professional development through education and training. This may include:

  • Developing curriculum and training programs for faculty/trainee/staff
  • Onboarding and training of new faculty and staff
  • Recruiting and onboarding student interns or PRA
  • Overseeing student mentorship program and staff professional development initiatives


Sponsored Programs Management Service (Grants and Contracts Specialist: Chelsea Hansen, MFA)

This service branch of the PRI provides financial administrative support pertaining to all components of sponsored research programs (i.e., pre- and post-award). This may include:

  • Pre-award: budget preparation, research documents preparation, proposal routing and submission process
  • Post-award: monitor account balances, open/close-out awards, financial reporting, research extension request, UPL fund management and reporting
  • OnCore financial sign-off
  • Sponsor/sub-award invoicing

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