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The goal of the Department of Orthopedics mentorship program is to facilitate the success of all faculty members by promoting advancement through thoughtful planning and guidance.

The Career Development Plan is a tool designed for faculty members too, in conjunction with their mentors, define and create their pathway to expertise as they navigate their professional career in the Department of Orthopedics.

    Faculty promotion is a key component of career advancement in the School of Medicine and the Department of Orthopedics. The tools and resources listed in this section are designed to guide faculty members through the promotion process from start to finish.

    APPs have a separate yet parallel process for promotions in the Department of Orthopedics. Although, promotion for Instructor and Senior Instructors is not required by the School of Medicine, APPs may wish to pursue promotion to the regular professor series/track. The tools and resources in this section are helpful to begin this process.  Interested APPs are encouraged to contact Jill Fattor for additional information.

    APPs that are seeking promotion into the regular professor track are required to participate in teaching, research and service. 

    The link listed below will help improve your academic achievement and efficiency. 

    Choosing the appropriate journal for your work

    Any additional questions on how to improve your academic achievement productivity please contact your Orthopedics Academic Affairs Team at

    Department of Orthopedics Academic Affairs Team

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