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10/28/2019 Kenneth J. Hunt, MD, Joins AOFAS® Board of Directors
9/12/2019 Three-time Olympic gymnast: from pain to perfection
9/12/2019 Explore the Science Behind Extreme Sports at This New Exhibit
9/1/2019 Denver Nuggets to host 3v3 basketball tournament on September 7
8/6/2019 Two pros: Ace surgeon gets master fisherman back in the river
7/29/2019 The Benefits of Stair Climbing Exercise
7/24/2019 Surgery vs. physical therapy for rotator cuff tears
6/25/2019 New UCHealth Steadman Hawkins orthopedic and sports performance center provides advanced care
 6/20/2019Physimax Developing Mobile Injury Risk Screening Product for General Public
6/7/2019 Women soccer players usually peak in their 20s—here's why some excel into their 40s
6/6/2019 All-American season built on talent, grit, and a quick recovery from knee surgery
 5/22/201971-Year-Old Injured Runner Gets Push To Keep Bolder Boulder Streak Alive
5/20/2019 CRYSC & UCHealth Expand Partnership
5/20/2019 A personalized chunk of metal has her back on slopes and trails
4/29/2019 Titanium Ankle For Active 63 Year Old Becomes First For Colorado Hospital
4/19/2019 Functional imaging technique could diagnose early osteoarthritis, NIH awards $2.7M
 6/25/2019New UCHealth Steadman Hawkins orthopedic and sports performance center provides advanced care

When flip becomes flop, a surgeon’s skill – and empathy – make all the difference

​2/20/19Never Say No to Opportunity
Article 2/20/19 (CU Orthopedics)
​2/6/19Broncos testify at State Capital in support of licensing athletic trainers
News Feature 2/6/19 (Fox 31 Denver)
​2/6/19Broncos players lend support at legislative hearing as athletic training bull passes through
Colorado Houce committee

Article 2/6/19 (
​1/17/19Spine Surgeron Leader to know: Dr. Evalina Burger
Article 1/17/19 (Becker's Spine Review)
​1/14/19Roping, Barrel Racing Take Over Lobby Of Children's Hospital Colorado
News Feature 1/14/19 (CBS Denver 4)
​1/1/2019Cartilage Restoration Surgery: Incidence Rates, Complications, and Trends as Reported by
the American Board of Orthopaedic Surgery Part II Candidates

Published Research January 2019 (ScienceDirect)
​12/27/18Small steps after knee surgery turn into lifelong strides
Article 12/27/18 (UCHealth Today)
​12/12/18Keeping her leg required steely determination and an expert surgeon
Article 12/12/18 (UCHealth Today)
​Dec. 2018RESEARCH | Gravity Fluid Flow More Accurately Reflects Joint Fluid
Pressure Compared With Commercial Peristaltic Pump Systems in a
Cadaveric Model

Published Research Dec. 2018 (ScienceDirect)
​11/28/18The Best Home Remedies to Soften Dry, Cracked Heels
Article 11/28/18 (Prevention)
​11/23/18$2.7 million awarded for medical marijuana research in Colorado
Article 11/23/18 (The Gazette)
​11/1/18Evalina Burger named Chair of Orthopedics
Article 11/1/18 (CU Anshutz Today)
​11/1/1818-innings and 560+ Pitches Equals Serious Shoulder Work
Article 11/1/18 (CU Sports Medicine News)
​Nov. 2018RESEARCH | Returning to Sport After Gymnastics Injuries
Published Research Nov. 2018 (Ovid)
​10/30/18CHCO Sports Medicine Center Partners with Local Youth Soccer Clubs
Article 10/30/18 (CHCO News)
​10/16/18UCHealth now one of the state's few Level I trauma Centers
Article 10/16/18 (UCHealth Today)
​10/13/18When surgery is the best option
Video 10/13/18  (CHCO online)
​10/8/18Colorado Ballet's Yosvani Ramos returns after Achilles injury
Article 10/8/18 (UCHealth Today)
​10/5/18AAOS-led Sports Liability Protection Bill Becomes Law
Article 10/5/18 (AAOS Now)
​10/5/18Fire forces 4-story jump and a woman embraces beauty
Article 10/5/18 (UCHealth Today)
​9/24/18Hip Pain Is Becoming An Epidemic Among Young, Fit Women
Article 9/24/18 (Women's Health Magazine)
​9/7/18Complex spine surgery linked with high postoperative CT scan utilization
Article 9/7/18 (Healio OrthopedicsToday)
​8/23/18Wyoming rancher nearly dies in head-on crash; fellow cowboy helps him get back
in the saddle again

Article 8/23/18 (Tri-State Livestock News)
​8/16/18'Most bruising deferder' Tariq Hammond back on the ice
Article 8/16/18 (UCHealth Today)
​7/19/18Wyoming rancher survives head on crash and is back in the saddle
Article 7/19/18 (The Fence Post)
​7/12/18Walking as Medicine: Exercise Tips from Dr. Sherrie Ballantine
News Feature 7/12/18 (Boulder Community Health & Denver 7 News)
​7/9/18Moving from art to science brings new possibilities to spine surgery
Article 7/9/18 (Becker's Spine Review)
​7/6/18CHCO Sports Medicine Center Partnership with REAL Colorado EDGE Soccer Club
Article 7/6/18 (CHCO News)
​7/2/18Riding, roping and ranching again
Article 7/2/18 (UCHealth Today)
​6/25/1819 Lessons I Learned from Extreme Sports Pros
Article 6/25/18 (Outside Online)
​6/18/18Hunter's Stor: Boy battles spine condition
News Feature 6/18/18 (9News)
​6/16/18A miracle for Father's Day
Article 6/16/18 (UCHealth Today)
​5/30/18Boulder hosts summit on painful cost of athletes taking it to the max
Article 5/30/18 (DailyCamera)
​5/17/18Career-saving surgery keeps local hero in the cockpit
News Feature 5/17/18 (Fox31 Denver News)
​5/10/18FEATURE | Take A Deep Dive into Extreme Sports Medicine
Article 5/10/18 (CUConnections)
​5/1/18Dr. Omer Mei-Dan | Biomedical startup aquired by global med tech firm
Press Release 5/1/18 (EurekAlert!)
​May 18
Dr. Eric McCarty | Quadriceps Tendon Autograft for ACL Reconstruction
Research Article May 2018 (ScienceDirect)
​4/30/18Limb Restoration patinet VIP at Nuggets game
Video 4/30/18 (Denver Nuggets & UCHealth)
​4/30/18Lacrosse 101 with Dr. Rachel Frank
Video 4/30/18 (UCHealth YouTube)
​4/28/18Spine surgery expert relieves back pain in record time
News Feature 4/28/18 (7 News Brisbane)
​4/25/18Limb restoration patient gets special treatment from Denver Nuggets
Video 4/25/18 (Denver Nuggets Facebook @DenverNuggets)
​4/23/18Could your diet be the cause of Arthritis Pain? Dr. Zuscik explains
Article 4/23/18 (Forbes)

Coming Off ACL Injury, Zuniga Returns To Lead Buffs To 2-1 Spring Win
Article 4/9/18 (

​4/3/18Dr. Eric McCarty | Clinical Outcomes and Return to Sport After Arthroscopic
Anterior, Posterior and Combined Shoulder Stabilization

Research Article 4/3/18 (SAGE Journals)
​3/21/18Dr. Jonathan Bravman | OrthoSpace Completes Enrollment for
InSpace U.S. Pivotal Study

Press Release 3/21/18 (Cision PRWeb)

Dr. Eric McCarty | Ten-Year Outcomes and Risk Factors
After Anterior Cruciate Ligmament Reconstruction

Research Article 3/15/18 (CBS Denver 4)

​1/12/18The Rodeo Takes Over Children's Hospital
Article 1/12/18 (CBS Denver 4)


Millsap rejoins Nuggets after successful rehab with Dr. Frank Scott
Article 12/14/17 (The Denver Post)


Dr. Frank Scott performs wrist surgery on Denver Nuggets forward Millsap
Article 11/26/17 (

​10/23/17Days away from amputation, grandmother keeps leg and life
Article 10/23/17 (UCHealth

Dr. Ken Hunt using synthetic cartilage to help arthritis patinets
Article 10/20/17 (Denver 7)


Dr. Stoneback and team use man's leg to save injured arm
Article 9/26/17 (CBS News Denver)


Dr. Vikas Patel leads clinical trial to relieve low back pain
Article 9/12/17 (CBS Denver 4)

​8/15/17CU Orthopedics ranks #18 in US News & World Report 2017-18
Article 8/15/17 (US News & World Report)
​6/28/17Technology helps choreograph return for Colorado Ballet dancer
Article 6/28/17 (Article 9News)
​6/7/17Saving an arm with the help of a leg
Article 6/7/17 (UCHealth Today)
​5/31/17Dr. Michael Dayton among first to successfully use new knee system
Article 5/31/17 (Exactech)
Doctors use magnetism to lengthen limbs at UCH
Article - 5/11/17 (Denver News 7)
​4/9/17   Limb Restoration program patient throws out first pitch at Rockies game
Video - 4/9/17 (CBS4 News)
Rececent CU Study of NFL running backs and injuries finds surprising results
Article - 4/6/17 (The Denver Post)
​​2/27/17     Denver Broncos Charities help provide athletic trainer to Adams City High School
Article - 2/27/17 (
​​2/25/17     Denver Nuggets visit CU Sports Medicine Clinic
Video - 2/25/17 (Denver7 News)
​Jan. 2017
Steadman Hawkins Clinic Denver surgeon, Dr. Josh Metzl, busts the
health myths on trail running

Article - January 2017 (5280 Magazine)
​Jan. 2017
Steadman Hawkins Clinic Denver - Innovation: Rotator Cuff Surgery
Just Got Easier

Article - January 2017 (5280 Magazine)
​Jan. 2017Mending a Fractured System
Article - January 2017 (CU SOM Clinical Affairs)
​Jan. 2017CU Orthopedics 2016-17 Annual Report