Publications and Grants

Clinical research within the MRC includes over 100 active research protocols, 19 multi-site studies, 4 randomized controlled trials, and numerous biomechanics studies with the CU Orthopedics Biomechanics Lab.

A list of current publications by the Musculoskeletal Research Center can be found here.

Funding Model: The Musculoskeletal Research Center is supported by a combination of faculty and chair contributions, clinical revenue, and extramural grant support (see below).

​Date Range​Funding
Grant #​​Principal
​Feb. 2016 to
Jan. 2018
​K2M, Inc.
​Baschal EE​Search for Biomarkers in
Idiopathic Scoliosis: RNA
Sequencing of Vertebral Bone,
Bone Marrow Aspirate, and
Peripheral Blood Samples from
Patients with Idiopathic Scoliosis
​May 2016 to
July 2018
​AWD-164028​Garg S​Use of Ultrasonic Bone Scalpel in
Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis -
Randomized Clinical Trial
​Aug. 2015 to
July 2017
​CU SOM Dept. of
​Wilson J​Quantitative Encephalography
(qEEG) as a Tool for Evaluation
of Adolescent Concussions
​June 2017 to
May 2018
​Pediatric Orthopedic
Society of
North America
​Garg S​VCR Surgical Plan Pre-3D and
Post-3D Modeling
​Aug. 2015 to
July 2017
​NIH and NINDS​R43NS090756​Carollo JJ​IMove: Instrumented Movement
Analysis to Quantify Gait in
Cerebral Palsy
​July 2015 to
June 2020
​NIH​Miller NH​Familial Idiopathic Scoliosis:
Gene Discovery and
Functional Studies
​May 2017 to
Aug. 2018
​Colorado Clinical &
Sciences Institute
​Carollo JJ​Multichannel Intraoperative EMG
Recording of Myometrium for
Continuous Monitoring of Uterine tone

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