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The CPMR holds a biweekly work-in-progress meeting on Thursdays at noon where two individuals (graduate student, postdoc or research assistant) provide updates on their project to other CPMR members. This venue allows the trainees to gain confidence in their oral communication in front of a larger group (typically >30), display their knowledge of their project, and obtain constructive feedback on their research from an interdisciplinary audience. These meetings have been one of the more interactive events held through the CPMR, with high engagement from the training faculty, trainees, and research staff.


Ellyse Schneider, PhD
Epigenetic Treatments Protect Nuclear Architecture in Cardiomyocyte Cultures

Honey Hendesi, MD, PhD
The intermittent fasting induced shifts in gut microbiome impacts bone fracture healing in obese mice


Kaitlyn Whitney, MPH
Orthobiologics in Sports Medicine & Pain Management: Charting A Course Forward

Ruth McCarrick-Walmsley, BS
CU Regenerative Medicine Biobank: Validation of preservation and isolation techniques


Katie Gallagher, BS
Mechanically Induced Premature Senescence after Impact Injury in Articular Cartilage Explants


Anna-Laura Nelson, MS
Engineered platforms for localized mRNA delivery in fracture repair

Johnny Zhu, MS
MRI-based Analysis of Intratissue Biomechanics and Biochemistry for the Early-stage Osteoarthritic Human Knee Cartilage


Abigail Anderson
Abaloparatide as a Post-Traumatic Osteoarthritis Treatment

Adriana Joyce, BS
Co-cultured bacterial adherence to silicon nitride surfaces


Pablo Argote, MS
Cartilage Electromechanics by Magnetic Resonance Electrical Properties Tomography (MR-EPT) and dual MRI

Michi Kanai, PhD
The role of heterotrimeric G proteins in establishing positional identity of chondrocyte and osteoblast precursors during early craniofacial development


Michael David, PhD
Exploring the Utility of Machine Learning for Orthopedic Research

Alan Morris, PhD
Preliminary data comparing the efficacy of acute vaporized cannabis to oral oxycodone and placebo for chronic spine pain


Mitchell Hutchings, BS
Characterization of Corrosion on Orthopedic Spinal Devices Using Structured Light Scanning

Mathew Wingerson, MS
Exercise and neurochemistry in adolescents with concussion: Implications for future research


Megan Cooke, PhD
Spheroid-only Bioinks for Suspension Bioprinting of Tissue-Engineered Cartilage Constructs

Beatriz Bermudez, BS
The impacts of polyunsaturated fatty acids on osteoblast function using MC3T3E1 cells


Hannah Larson, BS
Quantifying How Tendon ECM Composition Alters Collagen Fiber Mechanics

Lomeli Shull, PhD
PRDM paralogs are required during Meckel’s cartilage and mandibular bone development


Brittany Truong, BS
Out on a limb: PRDM1 in limb development and Split Hand/Foot Malformation

David Villani, BS
Ablation of MCP1 from the intestinal epithelium is protective in the OA of obesity


Kristine Fischenich, PhD
Onset of Skeletal Deformities in a Rabbit Model of Growth Plate Injury is Delayed with a 3D Printed Biomimetic Composite


Katherine Smulligan, PT, DPT
Cervical Spine Dysfunction After Concussion: Predicting Subsequent Injury Risk

Monica Ohnsorg, PhD
Strain-stiffening Bottlebrush Polymer Hydrogels Influence hMSC Morphology and Mechano-transduction

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