Welcome to Evalina Burger-Van der Walt Lab

Lab Director, Evalina Burger-Van der Walt, MD,
Professor and Chair

Scoliosis Research: Dr. Evalina Burger's Orthopedic Lab at CU Anschutz

The Evalina Burger van der Walt, MD lab at the University of Colorado focuses on a wide range of research objectives within the field of orthopedics. Dr. Burger, with a particular interest in scoliosis, investigates the etiology of this condition and the factors that contribute to the progression of spinal curves. A key area of study involves exploring humoral and transmembrane RNA messenger pathways within the lymphocytes of scoliosis patients. This research is currently supported by a grant from the Anschutz Foundation, enabling the lab to delve deeper into understanding the underlying molecular mechanisms of scoliosis.

In addition to her work on scoliosis etiology, Dr. Burger's lab also delves into the metallurgic properties of spinal implants and their impact on the long-term outcomes of scoliosis treatment. This aspect of the research aims to identify how the characteristics of spinal implants contribute to the loss of correction and failures observed over time. Dr. Burger has made significant contributions to this area and has an extensive publication record in the field.

Through a multidisciplinary approach and leveraging their expertise in molecular pathways, bioinformatics, and materials science, the lab under Dr. Burger's guidance strives to enhance our understanding of scoliosis, improve treatment strategies, and ultimately advance the field of orthopedics. By investigating these critical aspects, the lab aims to pave the way for innovative interventions and improve long-term patient outcomes in scoliosis management.



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