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News from Adams Lab, University of Colorado: Advancing Bone Health Research

September 2019
Dr. Ackert-Bicknell and Dr. Adams (MPI) of CU Anschutz Orthopedics were awarded a NIH R01 titled Identification of Genes Regulating PTH-Mediated Skeletal Strength.  This research will use the Diversity Outbred mouse population to map high-resolution quantitative trait loci and genes involved in the regulation of the anabolic response of bone to intermittent delivery of PTH:1-34.  Dr. Laura Saba, our collaborator within the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences, joins us in this project to use our gene expression data to build gene interaction networks for identifying mechanisms by which PTH affects bone.

September 2019
Dr. Adams presented preliminary QTL mapping results at the ASBMR Annual Meeting in Orlando, Florida from a GWAS study of bone quality, which identified a novel protein-coding gene, Meteorin-Like (Mtrnl), that is associated with whole bone strength - a gene previously not identified in human GWAS as a regulator of BMD.

May 2019
Dr. Diana Dillstrom was awarded  a position within the CU Anschutz NIH T32 Integrative Physiology of Aging Training Grant (PI: Dr. Robert Schwartz).  She will investigate the role of the gut microbiome on age-related changes in bone matrix quality, as well as interactions of genetics with aging and gut dysbiosis associated with changes in bone matrix quality.

May 2019
The Department of Orthopedics at CU Anschutz hosted the inaugural Orthopedic Research Symposium at CU Anschutz, with participation from colleagues from CU-Boulder, Colorado State University, Colorado School of Mines, Children’s Hospital Colorado, and VA Eastern Colorado.  Diana Dillstrom presented her work on the use of Pamidronate to mitigate bone loss during pregnancy and lactation, Connecticut lab alum Olivia Hart presented her work on correcting bone elastic modulus, and Dr. Adams presented work using GWAS to identify genes involved in regulating bone strength.

August 2018
Drs. Adams, Kelly, and Freilich were awarded a NIH STTR Phase I award Artificial Salivary Gland Dental Implant to develop a functioning prototype dental implant device for processing and intra-oral delivery of physiological fluid harvested from the mandible for those who suffer from severe dry mouth syndromes.

August 2018
Dr. Adams and Dr. Zuscik joined new colleagues in the Department of Orthopedics at the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical campus.

January 2018
Dr. Adams and partners Dr. Bob Kelly and Dr. Martin Freilich at the University of Connecticut were issued a US patent titled Artificial Salivary Gland.  The trio of investigators have formed a company to develop a novel dental implant for harvesting, filtering, and delivering fluid from within the mandible or maxilla to the mouth of patients suffering from Xerostomia (dry mouth).

September 2016
Dr. Adams was awarded a NIH R01 award titled Identification of Genes Regulating Bone Matrix Composition and Quality.  This research will use the Heterogeneous Stock Rat Population to perform genetic mapping of hierarchical traits defining whole bone strength and matrix composition and quality, seeking novel genetic loci and genes that control the mechanical integrity of bone, as well as elucidating the interaction of genetics with age-related changes in bone strength and quality.

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