Welcome to Payne Lab

Lab Director, Karin A. Payne, PhD

Principal Investigator

Karin A. Payne, PhD

Principal Investigator
Associate Professor

Department of Orthopedics
Mail Stop 8343
Research Complex 1 North
12800 E. 19th Avenue,
Room 2102
Aurora, CO 80045
Office: 303-724-0384

Ph.D., Bioengineering, University of Pittsburgh
M.S., Bioengineering, Ecole Polytechnique de Montreal
B.S., Physiology, McGill University

Lab Members

Kristine Fischenich, PhD

Kristine Fischenich, PhD

Postdoctoral Researcher

Aditya Mantha, BS

Aditya Mantha, BS

Medical Student
Research Track


Bianca Guillesser Research Assistant

Bianca Guillesser

Research Assistant


Former Group Members

Graduate Students

Karl Treadwell, MS 2015

Megan Summers, MS 2017

Kevin Hout, MS 2017

Songyuan Gu, MS 2017

Christopher Erickson, PhD 2019

Brookelynn Punsky, MS 2022

International Research Fellows

Yangyi Yu, MD, PhD 2016-2020

Fangnan Ma, MD 2019-2020

Francisco Rodriguez-Fontan, MD 2016-2018

CU Medical Students

Brian Davis, MD 2016

Gabrielle Whitmore, MD 2016

Nichole Shaw, MD 2018

Peter Yarger, MD 2018

Minami Yamamura, MD 2020

Joseph Fuchs, MD 2021

Undergraduate Student Researchers

Alexander Lundy 2012-2013

Rohun Bhagat 2014

Kaitlin Sweeney 2015

Drew Dyson 2016

Zachary Feuer 2017-2018

Shane Weatherford 2018-2020

Brandon Ogilvie 2019

Austin Schoppe 2019

Cathy Shi 2021

Nicholas Rotello-Kuri 2020-2022

Abigiya Abate 2021-2022

Ethan Beltrand 2022

Research Assistant

Michele Sauque, BS

Stacey Thomas, MS

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