The University of Colorado Bone-Anchored Limb Research Group

Osseointegrated prosthetics are still in their infancy, but we believe it has the potential to radically improve the quality of life and mobility in individuals suffering from severe socket-related issues.

Our interdisciplinary BALRG team is leading the United States in creating a rich research data set to monitor long-term outcomes following osseointegration.

Our mission is to perform impactful, translational research that can be used to improve the lives of patients who undergo prosthesis osseointegration.

For this to occur, there is an immediate need to provide data for clinicians, researchers, patients, payers, and healthcare systems to guide the rehabilitation process for people to best benefit from osseointegrated prostheses.

Jason Stoneback, MD

Advancing Limb Loss Treatment: Dr. Jason Stoneback's Leadership at the Bone-Anchored Limb Research Group (BALRG), University of Colorado

Dr. Jason Stoneback serves as the Director of the University of Colorado Bone-Anchored Limb Research Group (BALRG), which includes an interdisciplinary team of highly experienced biomechanical engineers, physical therapists, physiatrists, and clinical and translational researchers. Our clinic is one of the few sites in the United States routinely performing Osseointegrated prosthesis implantation in individuals with lower-limb amputation, a novel surgical procedure that creates a direct connection between bone and prosthesis via an intramedullary implant eliminating the need for a socket.


Bone-Anchored Limb Research Group Executive Leadership

Jason Stoneback, MD
Jason Stoneback, MD

Associate Professor,
Department of Orthopedics 

Director, Limb Restoration Program
University of Colorado School of Medicine

Cory Christiansen, PT, PhD

Cory Christiansen, PT, PhD
Department of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
University of Colorado School of Medicine 

Brecca Gaffney, PhD
Brecca Gaffney, PhD
Assistant Professor,
Department of Mechanical Engineering

University of Colorado-Denver & the Center for Bioengineering at the University of Colorado Denver Anschutz Medical Campus
Lynn Pezzanite, DVM, PhD

Lynn Pezzanite, DVM, PhD
Diplomate, American College of Veterinary Surgeons

Department of Clinical Sciences
Translational Medicine Institute
Colorado State University

Team Members

Danielle Melton, MD
Danielle Melton, MD
Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
Mohamed Awad
Mohamed Awad, MD, MBA 
Research Services Senior Professional, Department of Orthopedics 
University of Colorado School of Medicine 
Eric Earley, PhD
Eric J. Earley, PhD
Assistant Research Professor,
Department of Orthopedics 

University of Colorado School of Medicine 
Dana Carpenter, PhD
Dana Carpenter, PhD 
Associate Professor, Mechanical Engineering
Guy Lev, PT, DPT, COMT
Guy Lev, PT, DPT, COMT
Osseointegration Therapy Program Director
Supervisor Rehab Services


Peter Thomsen, DPT, PhD Student

Peter B. Thomsen, PT, DPT, MS
PhD Student
Professional Research Assistant

Jake Tinsley, PhD Candidate
Jake Tinsley
PhD Candidate
James Tracy, PhD, Post-Doctoral Fellow
James Tracy, Ph.D.
Postdoctoral Fellow
Nicolas Vandenberg, PhD Student
Nicolas Vandenberg
Ph.D. Candidate

Bone-Anchored Limb Research Group Focus Areas

BALRG Focus Areas

Osseointegration Publications

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