T32 Trainees

2022 - T32 Trainees

Hannah Larson

Hannah Larson
Predoc in Calve Lab
Elucidating how the ECM modulates tendon response to damage and fatigue

Kate Smulligan, PT, DPT

Kate Smulligan
Predoc in Howell Lab
Post-Concussion Cervical Spine Dysfunction: Recovery and Future Musculoskeletal Injury Risk

Monica Ohnsorg, PhD

Monica Ohnsorg, PhD
Postdoc in Anseth Lab
Engineering Aggrecan-Mimicking Hydrogel Networks as an Articular Cartilage Regeneration Therapy

2023 - T32 Trainees

Shepard Headshot copy

Brooke Shepard
Predoc in Virginia Ferguson Lab
Searching for Solutions to Bone Weakness through the Osteocyte Pericellular Matrix

Samantha Landgrave, Predoc

Samantha Landgrave
Predoc in Mike Zuscik Lab
Study of Abaloparatide as a Chondroprotective Agent in Posttraumatic Osteoarthritis

Chandler Callaway, PhD

Chandler Callaway, PhD
Postdoc in Andrea Bonetto Lab
Formation of Liver Metastases Exacerbates Colorectal Cancer Cachexia

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