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Lab Director, Mark Myerson, MD

Mark Myerson, MD, Visiting Professor

Mark Myerson, MD

Visiting Professor
Foot & Ankle

Welcome to Myerson Lab

Foot and Ankle Research: Deformity Correction, Arthritis Management, and Cellular Investigations

My research covers a broad spectrum of radiographic, biomechanical, cellular, and clinical studies with a focus on the foot and ankle in children and adults. Many of these studies tend to have an emphasis on deformity correction and the management of arthritis for example the use of radiographs, Weight Bearing CT, and  MRI on the evaluation and clinical decision-making for flatfoot and cavus foot deformities. Cellular research will focus on foot and ankle arthritis.  Post-traumatic arthritis has been associated with poorer outcomes than those of osteoarthritis in total ankle replacement and stiffness is a more common feature of post-traumatic arthritis than osteoarthritis. My hypothesis is that the expression of the fibroblast is different in post-traumatic arthritis than those ankles with other etiologies and the cellular function of all ankles will be evaluated with the following cell markers: stromal cells such as fibroblasts,   matrix metalloproteinases (MMPs) and cathepsins, and receptor activator of nuclear factor β (RANKL). Multiple retrospective and prospective projects will be initiated to study common clinical problems including flatfoot, arthritis of the big toe, the ankle, and the etiology of Achilles tendinitis.

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