Intro to PatientIQ

Intro to PatientIQ


Why does CU Ortho partner with PatientIQ?

Your CU Orthopedics care team aims for the highest quality of care, and that starts with understanding how you feel about your health. The PatientIQ platform allows us to measure different areas of health for all of our patients.

What are the benefits?

PatientIQ empowers your healthcare provider to measure different areas of your health at important treatment and recovery milestones. Completing your updates in PatientIQ helps your provider to be a better partner in your care.

What kinds of questions will I be asked?

Your healthcare provider may ask you different questions in PatientIQ depending on your health condition. Your care team may also use the platform to send you educational materials, like videos or instructions for at-home care activities.

How PatientIQ Works

  1. Clinic visits are scheduled with your CU Orthopedics healthcare provider.
  2. You'll receive reminder emails or text messages from PatientIQ asking you for an update on your current health before your upcoming visit. You can complete the questions on your own device, or your care team may assist you during your visit.
  3. Your healthcare provider will review your updated health information during your visit about your care.
  4. After your visit, your healthcare provider will send you periodic reminders through PatienIQ to ask you for updates on your health at important care and recovery milestones.

Update Language Preferences in the Patient Portal

Patients can now update their language preferences directly in the Patient Portal.

Multilingual - Patient

Multilingual - Patient (Spanish)

Multilingual - English - Patient
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