Dossier Preparation

All dossiers are submitted electronically, using Interfolio Review, Promotion and Tenure®, an electronic submission and routing platform. Department administrators are responsible for providing faculty with information on submission of their dossier through this system. The "Interfolio" tab also provides information regarding the Interfolio Review, Promotion and Tenure® system.

Dossier Compilation Resources

The Dossier Preparation Guide (PDF) provides important information and examples for preparing promotion and tenure dossiers.  We highly recommend that you review this document before you begin to compile your dossier. 

Additional documents which can be useful in compiling your dossier include:



Promotion Criteria Matrix

Presents examples of various levels of accomplishment in the areas of teaching, research, clinical activity, scholarship and service.  It is not exclusionary, but is intended to assist faculty, department chairs and promotion committees in matching candidates’ accomplishments to the promotion criteria.

Dossier ChecklistAppointment, promotion and tenure dossier checklist.

Faculty Series Information Sheet

Outlines the three different promotion series that are available to SOM faculty.

CV Abstract Template

Template for faculty to create their CV abstract.

CV Format

Recommendations for faculty CV formatting.

Publication Link Creation Guide

Provides information on how to create links for publications to be included in a dossier.
Clinical Portfolio Format GuideProvides suggested formatting for clinicians' portfolios.
Teaching Portfolio Format GuideProvides suggested formatting for teachers' portfolios. 

Promotion Matrix Table Templates

The table below contains Promotion Matrix Table Templates for each of the areas of accomplishment listed in the Promotion Criteria Matrix. These templates are intended to assist faculty in documenting their areas of excellence and meritorious accomplishments for their promotion dossier.  There are separate templates for "excellence" and "meritorious" accomplishments. 


Clinical Activity

Research & Scholarship


Teaching ExcellenceClinical ExcellenceResearch & Scholarship ExcellenceService Excellence
Teaching MeritoriousClinical MeritoriousResearch & Scholarship MeritoriousService Meritorious

Scholarship Information

All faculty in the Regular and Research Professor Series are required to participate in scholarship, as broadly defined in the School of Medicine Rules. All scholarship implies creativity. The products of all scholarship must be in a format that can be evaluated, which would normally mean a written format, but could include video or computer formats. Further information regarding the types of scholarship that are recognized by the School of Medicine is found in the School of Medicine Rules.

In addition, two documents are available that provide information regarding scholarship:



Defining Scholarship

Recommendations to help faculty document 'scholarship.'

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