Assignment of Income to CU Medicine

All University-paid full-time faculty (at least 50% FTE) are required to sign a University of Colorado Medicine (CU Medicine) full Member Practice Agreement (MPA), which obligates the faculty member to assign all service income to CU Medicine (except while on official leave of absence or while employed by one of the SOM'S core affiliate hospitals).  One exception to this policy is exempt honoraria, as defined below, which does not need to be assigned to CU Medicine.

Exempt honoraria are generally modest payments which are provided by non-profit organizations in exchange for single-occurrence, non-recurring presentations by accomplished faculty who have achieved a level of expertise sought by others outside the University.  Exempt honoraria are limited to one-time payments for lectures, articles, visiting professorships and service on boards for non-profit organizations.  Exempt honoraria also include compensation for one-time or recurring reimbursements for participation on NIH, Veterans Administration and other governmental study sections, as well as royalty and licensing fees and other income from publications, editorial services, patents, copyrighted materials and trade secrets, provided that the faculty member is in compliance with the University’s policies for commercializing intellectual property.

Consulting, service and speaking income that is paid by any for-profit corporation or entity, even on a one-time basis, is not considered exempt and must be assigned to CU Medicine.  Industry-paid speaking engagements are covered under separate policies and are always assignable income. ​

Please contact Cheryl Welch if you have any questions regarding exempt honoraria.

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