Industry-Paid Talk Policy

The School of Medicine Policy to Limit Conflicts of Interest Between Health Care Professionals and Industry Representatives prohibits SOM faculty members from accepting free meals, drug samples, travel or gifts from manufacturers of pharmaceuticals, medical devices, nutritional supplements or medical devices.

The policy also prohibits Speakers' Bureau participation by School of Medicine faculty, except in limited circumstances.  All industry-paid speaking engagements must be approved, in advance.

Approval of non-marketing speaking engagements will be considered for approval if the talk represents a genuine service to the community and is solely for educational purposes.  Approval will not be granted for talks that focus on specific products, if the speaker is required to use any slides or other materials provided by industry, or if the slides or other content are subject to approval by industry. 

Note: If your talk meets any of the following criteria, your talk is exempted from the Speakers' Bureaus policy:

  • Research consulting (defined as an activity that focuses on planning, conduct or analysis of a clinical or scientific investigation or dissemination of the results of an investigation performed or coordinated by you).

  • Approved Continuing Medical Education (CME) program, and you are allowed to change the content of your slides or presentation without review and approval by industry.

  • Compensation for presentation will come directly from an academic institution, non-profit organization, or professional society (e.g., visiting professorships or academic grand rounds).

Process for Requesting Approval and Processing of Industry-Paid Speaking Engagements

  1. Obtain speaking contract or agreement in Word format from the Pharmaceutical Company.

  2. Submit new contract through your SOM Department Finance Team via the Contract System (“CLX”), indicating that it is a contract for a speaking engagement.

  3. CU Medicine Contract Operations team reviews contract and adds standard speaker’s language to the contract, if needed.

  4. If the contract language is approved by all parties, the contract will move forward into final approval; if the contract language cannot be approved after negotiation, the contract will not be approved, and the department will be notified.

Direct any questions to Cheryl Welch.

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