Smartsheet is an online platform that allows you to create and manage project sheets, web forms, and reports. It also allows for collaboration and integrates approval workflows.  

The information used in this software may not contain, collect, or process any highly confidential or classified data. Including but not limited to HIPAA, some elements of student data (FERPA), and other data that would be considered sensitive e.g. any portion of Social Security numbers. Learn more at University of Colorado Data Classification Policy.

The School of Medicine maintains an enterprise license for Smartsheet, and the School of Medicine Dean’s Office manages individual licenses. 

There are two main license types that are available to School of Medicine faculty and staff: 

  • Paid licenses are currently $615 per fiscal year, renewed in July each year, which is paid via a speedtype. Necessary for individuals that will be creating sheets, reports, or dashboards. 
  • Unpaid licenses do not need to be renewed. Necessary for individuals that will only be adding or editing information on previously created sheets, etc.

If a licensed user leaves the institution or no longer needs access to a paid license, it can be transferred (along with the materials associated with the license) to another individual. Licenses can also be cancelled without transferring items owned to anyone else. 

Request a new license, initiate a license transfer, or cancel an existing license.

Training and Resource Materials 

Smartsheet offers online training for individuals with a paid user license. Find this information as well as how to request support here.

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