The Executive Faculty of the School of Medicine has the responsibility and authority to develop the faculty governance structure within the School of Medicine, which includes the Executive Committee and the Faculty Senate.

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee, which consists of the Chancellor of the University of Colorado Denver, the Dean of the School of Medicine, the School of Medicine Faculty Officers, and the chairpersons of all departments, is a second arm of the School of Medicine shared governance structure.

The Executive Committee is advisory to the Dean of the School of Medicine in matters pertaining to faculty appointments and promotions, the nature of the undergraduate and medical curricula, the size of the student body, the physical facilities of the SOM, external relationships between the SOM and other institutions and other matters that pertain to the educational, clinical, scholarly and research activities of the faculty and the SOM.

Faculty Senate

The Faculty Senate consists of elected representatives from each department of the School.  The Faculty Senate reviews and recommends changes to the Rules of the SOM and takes the lead in decisions concerning faculty evaluation procedures, the medical curriculum, research programs, professionalism and other academic matters.

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