The University of Colorado School of Medicine utilizes the Interfolio Review, Promotion and Tenure® online platform to manage and streamline the faculty appointment, promotion and tenure processes. The system has been set up with templates to build dossiers in each of the three faculty series: Regular Faculty Series, Clinical Practice Series, and Research Professor Series.

Accessing Interfolio

  1. Log in to Interfolio
  2. Click "Sign in with: Partner Institution"
  3. Select "University of Colorado Denver | Anschutz Medical Campus" from the dropdown list
  4. Click "Sign In"
  5. Log in via the SOM Portal, providing your University sign-in credentials

Interfolio Web Browser Recommendations

Interfolio recommends using Web browsers, such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Safari. Note, Interfolio no longer supports the use of Internet Explorer 11.

Interfolio Reference Guides



Administrator Guide - Interfolio Review, Promotion, and TenureInterfolio how-to guide for administrators.
Faculty Guide - Interfolio Review, Promotion and TenureInterfolio how-to guide for faculty.
Committee Guide - Interfolio Review, Promotion and TenureInterfolio how-to guide for committee members.
Faculty Promotions Committee Guide - Interfolio Review, Promotion and TenureInterfolio how-to guide for Faculty Promotions Committee members.

Interfolio Lingo

  • Dossier: Interfolio Dossier is a module for faculty to electronically collect, organize, prepare, and store documents.
  • Packet: The collection of required materials (documents and other files) a faculty member submits for their review, promotion, and tenure consideration.  Note: Historically at the SOM the packet is called a dossier, but Interfolio uses the term Dossier for one of their modules.
  • Case: The case consists of a faculty member’s packet and the workflow to facilitate a promotion and/or tenure review.

Interfolio Support

If you have additional questions or need more help contact either Cheryl Welch (303-724-5356) or Susannah McGuire (303-724-5357).

If you have a technical issue with the system, you can either contact Cheryl or Susannah, or you can contact Interfolio directly at: or (877) 997-8807 Monday- Friday 9–6pm Eastern Time.

Instructions for Accessing Interfolio's Online Product Help Guides:

1. Log in to Interfolio
2. Select the drop-down arrow next to your name, in the upper right corner
3. Under "Account Options", click "Product Help"