Faculty Performance Review and Salary Policies

Annual Performance Review

All full-time CUSOM faculty members who are employed by the University of Colorado are required to complete an annual review within an online review system called PRiSM (Performance Reviews in the School of Medicine).  Denver Health- and Veterans Administration-based faculty members must also participate in annual performance reviews, using a different system which is based at their home institution. 



School of Medicine Faculty Evaluation PolicyFull policy regarding annual faculty evaluation in the School of Medicine.
PRiSM GuideIncludes faculty evaluation guidelines for faculty members, chairs and other reviewers, and department administrators
Appeals Process: Appeals of Faculty Performance RatingsSummarizes the recommended performance rating appeals process for faculty.
PIA Recommended TemplatePerformance Improvement Agreement (PIA) template

Comprehensive Mid-Term Review

All Assistant Professors must undergo a Comprehensive Mid-Term Review, which should be done in the 3rd or 4th year of the Assistant Professor appointment. The evaluation is detailed and comprehensive and resembles a "mock" promotion review. A committee evaluates faculty member performance in teaching, research/scholarship, and service.

Post-Tenure Review

Tenured faculty members must undergo a post-tenure review every five years. Below are important policies and resources regarding post-tenure reviews.



Standards, Processes and Procedures for Comprehensive Review, Tenure, Post-Tenure Review and Promotion

This policy outlines the standards, processes, and procedures for the comprehensive review, tenure, post-tenure review and promotion of tenure-track faculty members.

Post-tenure Review Report SampleSample: post-tenure review report.
School of Medicine Professional Development Plan SampleSample: professional development plan.
Performance Ratings for Faculty

This APS provides a consistent performance rating system for faculty members.

School of Medicine Definition of "Meeting Expectations"Provides a definition of "Meeting Expectations": the minimum standard of acceptable professional performance for post-tenure reviews.
PIA Recommended TemplatePerformance Improvement Agreement (PIA) template

Faculty Salaries

The following policies apply to School of Medicine faculty.



BSI PolicyInformation regarding the School of Medicine Base, Supplement and Plan.
Campus Policy on Faculty Compensation

Guidelines for faculty compensation at CU Anschutz Medical Campus.

SOM Faculty Salary Appeal Policy

Appeals process for faculty when they request a review of their individual salary.


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