Awards of Tenure

Faculty who are employees of the University of Colorado in the regular academic ranks of Associate Professor or Professor are eligible for consideration for an award of tenure. Consideration for promotion and an award of tenure will be separate processes, but they may occur concurrently.

The award of tenure in the School of Medicine will be reserved for those faculty members who are among the best in their field of scholarly endeavor. The faculty members will also be widely recognized as outstanding and influential teachers, and will show definitive promise of continuing, outstanding contributions to the School of Medicine. Further information regarding criteria for the award of tenure can be found in the School of Medicine Rules (PDF).



Award of Tenure Criteria

A faculty member at an affiliated institution (e.g., DHHA, NJH, VAMC) who holds the rank of Associate Professor or Professor, and who has a record of outstanding accomplishments in teaching and scholarship, is eligible for consideration for the distinction of “tenure criteria.” The distinction of “tenure criteria” is not the same as tenure and shall not involve any continuing financial obligation by the School of Medicine or the University. A tenure-criteria faculty member at an affiliated hospital who becomes a University employee does not automatically gain tenure but is eligible to apply for tenure in accordance with University and School of Medicine rules.



Post-Tenure Reviews

Tenured faculty members must undergo a post-tenure review every five years. Below are important policies and resources regarding post-tenure reviews.

For faculty members who receive a “below expectations” rating as a result of post-tenure review, the APS 1022 guides the development of Performance Improvement Agreements (PIAs). Following are templates for PIAs and Development Plans.

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