Member Practice Agreements and Non-Compete Agreements

All full-time (> 0.5 FTE) faculty members at the University of Colorado School of Medicine, including clinicians and basic scientists, are required to sign a University of Colorado Medicine (CU Medicine) Member Practice Agreement (MPA). Signing the MPA is required by the Board of Regents as a condition of employment. Faculty members with clinical responsibilities are also required to sign a Covenant not to Compete (Non-Compete Agreement).

Note: As of November 17, 2009, employees of DHHA are no longer required to sign Associate Member Practice Agreements and are therefore not CU Medicine members.

New faculty members with clinical responsibilities will be contacted by CU Medicine to sign the MPA. New faculty members that do not have clinical responsibilities will also be required to sign an MPA, which will be included with their letter of offer.



Full Member Practice Agreement

Use for Regular Faculty, Instructor and above, who are 50% or greater FTE.

Associate Member Practice Agreement

Use for Clinical Faculty, Instructor and above, who are less than 50% FTE or are volunteer or receive the majority of their salary directly from an affiliated institution (exception: DHHA faculty).

Affiliate Member Practice Agreement

Use for health care professionals, other than physicians.

Non-Compete Agreement

Use only for regular faculty with an MD or DO degree who have clinical responsibilities.

Non-Compete Clause Parameters

Provides information regarding determining the mileage and damages estimates that are included in the Covenant not to Compete.

Note: The MPA must be copied onto legal-size paper, double sided.