Wellbeing Research Projects

‚ÄčIRB approved studies:

  • Project Title:  The Introduction of a formal wellness curriculum to reduce burnout and improve wellness in the Anesthesia Assistant school at the University of Colorado:  A educational intervention.
  • Project Title:  The development, implementation, and preliminary evaluation of a formal wellness curriculum to reduce burnout in anesthesia residents: A pilot study
  • Project Title:  Attendance at an Anti-Burnout, Wellness, Quality, Workshop at the Society for Education in Anesthesia (SEA) Conference
  • Project Title:  Evaluation of the effectiveness of a Peer to Peer Network Support Training Program to educate medical professionals to support colleagues following an adverse clinical event

Have an idea for a project/study?  Please contact Richard Ing, MD (richard.ing@childrenscolorado.org) for information about our grant submission process, and ideas on collaboration.


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