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JostKlawitterJost Klawitter, PhD

Primary Appointment: Associate Professor, Anesthesiology
Secondary Appointment: Associate Professor, Psychiatry

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  • Master of Science (Diplom), Chemistry, University of Bremen, Germany
  • PhD, Bio- and Physical-Chemistry, University of Bremen, Germany
  • Director of Biomarker Analysis at Eurofins Medinet Denver, Denver, CO
  • Chief Technology Officer at Eurofins Medinet Denver, Denver, CO
  • Associate Director for Biomarker Analysis at iC42, Department of Anesthesiology, University of Colorado, Denver, CO
  • Affiliate Associate Professor, Institute of Cognitive Science, University of Colorado Boulder, Boulder, CO

Contact Information

12705 East Montview Blvd, Suite 200 Aurora, CO 80045, USA

Research Interests

Investigation of potential harms and potential benefits of primary cannabinoids (THC), secondary cannabinoids (CBD, CBC etc.) and terpenoids (mono- and sesquiterpenes). In this context we investigate the toxicodynamic as well as pharmacological properties of these compounds.

Research Description

During the last decade we have established a portfolio of quantitative biomarker multiplex assays including endocannabinoids, polyunsaturated hydroxylated fatty acids, prostaglandins and leukotrienes as well as neurotransmitter assays using quantitative tandem mass spectrometry-based technologies. These quantitative and validated approaches that are focused on the analysis of pathways show advantages over general unknown screening approaches such as metabolomics or proteomics in regard to their reproducibility, detection limits and compound quantitation.

My current research interests mainly focus on the investigation of secondary effects of cannabinoids/ terpenes and their metabolites on inflammation and nociception as well as on mechanisms by which cannabinoids and terpenoids affect lipid mediator signaling. In this context we have found several connections between cannabinoids/ terpenoids and circulating lipid mediator concentrations, that might explain some of the effects of secondary cannabinoids and terpenoids.

In addition, we established unique tools for the accurate determination of cannabinoid levels (15 cannabinoids including but not limited to THC and its major metabolites, CBD and its major metabolites, CBC, CBG, CBN, THCV etc.) in plasma, urine and breast milk and a novel assay for the determination of terpenoid levels in animal and human plasma. These assays are the basis to perform pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic evaluations and estimate exposures in observational clinical trials evaluating harm or benefits of cannabis.


Click here for Dr. Jost Klawitter's publications at NCBI.

Anesthesiology (SOM)

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