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EricClambeyEric T. Clambey, PhD

Primary Appointment: Assistant Professor, Anesthesiology


  • BA, Biology, Saint Olaf College, Northfield, MN
  • PhD, Immunology, Washington University, Saint Louis, MO
  • Post-Doctoral Fellowship, National Jewish Health, Denver, CO

Contact Information

Mailstop B112
12700 E. 19th Avenue
Aurora, Colorado 80045
Telephone: (720) 724-7783

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Research Interests

Regulation of antiviral and antitumor responses by the immune system.

Research Description

My research focuses on understanding the dynamic interface between the immune system, virus infection and tumorigenesis. These studies focus on how virus infection and tumorigenesis are regulated at the single cell level and, in turn, how the immune system responds to these distinct challenges. By studying these processes at the single cell level, we seek to: i) reveal cellular heterogeneity, ii) identify new points of therapeutic intervention, and iii) discover fundamental principles of immunity to these distinct challenges. This research is powered by genetic manipulation of the host and target cell, and strengthened by technical innovations in single-cell analysis using flow and mass cytometry (cytometry by time-of-flight, CyTOF). I further collaborate with multiple laboratories studying the cellular and molecular basis of immune responses to infection, injury and tumorigenesis (e.g. lung cancer), with an emphasis on immunomodulatory approaches to limit infection and malignancy.

In addition to my research, I also serve as Director of the Flow Cytometry Shared Resource within the University of Colorado Cancer Center. I provide oversight for this Shared Resource and consult with researchers interested in using flow cytometry, mass cytometry and fluorescence activated cell sorting for their research.


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Anesthesiology (SOM)

CU Anschutz

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