Admission Process & Requirements


  • Bachelor's degree from a regionally accredited institution

  • An MCAT score attained within 5 years of applying to the program

  • 3 letters of recommendation
    • The references portion is called Evaluations and is located in the Supporting Information section. You are required to have a minimum of 3 evaluations. Once you have saved an electronic evaluation, an email request will automatically be sent to the evaluator on your behalf. Please advise your evaluator to look for this email in their inbox, as well as their spam or junk mail folder, as emails do occasionally get filtered out.

  • Completion of the prerequisite courses within 7 years of your start date in the program.


1 semester (7 year window DOES NOT apply) 

Biology I & II with labs 

2 semesters  

General Chemistry I & II with labs 

2 semesters  

Organic Chemistry I & II with labs 

2 semesters 

General Physics I & II with labs 

2 semesters (Trigonometry or calculus based is preferred) 


1 semester 


1 semester  

Human Anatomy & Physiology 

1 semester combined, OR 1 semester of each 




  • A minimum of 8 hours of anesthetist shadowing (Applicants are encouraged to fulfill as many hours as possible.)

    • Applicants to the program must be familiar with the practice of anesthesia, including related activities in the operating room.

  • Individuals applying to the program must spend at least 8 hours with an anesthetist or an anesthesiologist in an operating room environment observing the conduct of anesthesia. Applicants who meet the minimum requirement will be considered for admission, but additional hours are strongly suggested. The applicant is encouraged to visit a local hospital and ask to speak with the anesthesiologist who directs the department of anesthesia.

  • Background Check administered through the purchase of package code UF28 on 

  • A CASPer online assessment through Altus Suite

    • All applicants applying to the Anesthesiologist Assistant Program, at The University of Colorado are required to complete an online suite of assessments (Altus Suite), to assist with our selection process.
    • Altus Suite consists of a two part online assessment of non-cognitive skills, interpersonal characteristics, and personal values and priorities that we believe are important for successful students and graduates of our program. Altus Suite will complement the other tools that we use for applicant screening. In implementing Altus Suite, we are trying to further enhance fairness and objectivity in our selection process.
    • Altus Suite consists of:
      • Casper: a 60-90 minute online situational judgment test (SJT)
      • Snapshot: a 10-minute one-way interview with standardized questions
    • You will register for Altus Suite for the US Professional Health Sciences test (CSP-10101).
    • Access to create an account and for more information on important dates and requirements, and the Altus Suite assessments. 



Applicants need to create an account and complete an application through CASAA. You will submit all materials to and/or through CASAA (see above - MCAT scores, transcripts, letters of evaluations, forms, etc.).

Under the Program Materials section, you will need to upload:

After you submit all materials, CASAA will verify your application. At that point, the Admissions Committee will review it. If you are selected for an interview, we will notify you via email.  



Mid April 

CASAA application available online.  


Application review begins. 


Interviews and rolling admission begins. 


Cohort is typically finalized. 

End of February 

CASAA application closes. 

Mid August 

Orientation and classes begin. 

We operate on a rolling admissions basis which means we admit students as they apply and are interviewed.