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Anesthesiology assistant students

The University of Colorado Anesthesiologist Assistant Program is a graduate medical education program in the University of Colorado School of Medicine. 

The Program accepts qualified individuals who desire to undertake rigorous didactic and clinical education in order to become knowledgeable, skilled anesthetists. Applicants must complete a baccalaureate degree in any major field of study from an accredited institution, including above average performance (letter grade of "B-" or higher) in courses required in a premedical curriculum (refer to required courses in the Admissions section). All prerequisite courses must be completed before the program's start date.

Individuals who successfully complete this program are awarded a Master of Medical Science Degree in Anesthesiology by the University of Colorado. In October of their senior year, students take the National Certifying Examination for Anesthesiologist Assistants. Following graduation and successful completion of the Certifying Examination, graduates can become integral anesthetist members of an anesthesia care team practice lead by an anesthesiologist.  

The University of Colorado Anesthesiologist Assistant Program is accredited by CAAHEP.

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