School of Medicine Deferment Policy

Students can request an opportunity to defer in writing.  Normally, deferrals are granted for unusual or mitigating circumstances that create challenges for a student to enter the Master of Science in Anesthesiology at that time. Also some “once in a lifetime opportunities” may arise, making a request to defer reasonable. Some examples include difficult family circumstances, birth of a child, participation in the Olympics, a Fulbright Scholarship opportunity, Teach for America, etc.  Students should enter when they have achieved a high degree of readiness to engage fully in the Anesthesiologist Assistant Program. The AA Program Directors will decide whether to grant the deferral.

If a student is a non-resident at the time of initial acceptance, it is not possible to move to Colorado and during the year of deferral become a Colorado resident.  There are certain requirements regarding deferral that must be met:

  • Student must complete the majority of paperwork as if entering in the year for which they applied and pay the $1000 deposit.
  • For the actual year in which the student plans to enter, a CASAA application must be completed. If the student makes an application for deferral and it is granted, the student will be in a category of “deferred/delayed admission.”
  • Deferrals are for one year period only.​
  • The deadline for a requested deferral is May 1st of the year in which the student is scheduled to start. Defferrals after that date will not be accepted.