CA-2 Bios

Elijah Christensen

Elijah ChristensenHometown: Wanamingo, MN

Education history: I completed a bachelors of science in Bioengineering at University of Washington (Go Dawgs!) followed by an MD and PhD in computational neuroscience at University of Colorado Medical Scientist Training Program (MSTP).

Hobbies: Road and mountain biking, photography, downhill skiing, hiking, summer grilling, and recently running and fly fishing.

Fun facts: I have a cute dog named Avery, grew up on a hobby farm, I always fall asleepduring shavasana and I once won a radio competition for festival tickets.

Before I came into medicine: After undergrad I had initially planned on a career in biomedical device development but detoured into software engineering for several years before starting MSTP in Colorado.

What made me pursue my residency training in Anesthesiology: I've always felt and love that anesthesia is one of the most real-time data-driven specialties in medicine. I also love the immediacy and low-latency of decision making in acute settings.

William Cohen

William CohenHometown: Bellmore, NY

Education history: Undergrad: Binghamton University; Med School: University of Colorado School of Medicine

Hobbies: Rock climbing, coffee, guitar, crochet

Fun facts: I’ve sold climbing gear to Ginny Weasley (Bonnie Wright) from the Harry Potter movies.

Before I came into medicine: I was a climbing guide/gear shop guy, mouse murderer (cancer research), and physical therapy tech.

What made me pursue my residency training in Anesthesiology: Mostly the mentors I found along the way, I found my people after trying out multiple specialties along the way.

Alexis Gough

Alexis GoughHometown: Albuquerque, NM

Education history: B.S. Biochemistry and Spanish - University of New Mexico 2018; M.D. - University of New Mexico 2022

Hobbies: My son's name is Charlie, he is a three year old Goldendoodle. Welike to camp and hike. I like to garden, read, travel and bake. I ran my first marathon last June and will be completing my first triathlon this June.

Fun facts: I have been somewhere new for New Years Eve every year for the past 9 years. I am an only child. I have a national parks pass.

Before I came into medicine: I wanted to be a fashion journalist. Ha.

What made me pursue my residency training in Anesthesiology: I enjoy connecting with others and allowing them to feel safe and face their fears. I enjoy physiology and anatomy.

Marshaun Hall

Marshaun HallHometown: Madison, WI

Education history: BA - Howard University, MD - Morehouse School of Medicine

Hobbies: My current hobbies include amateur photography, scenic hikes, reading (I always appreciate a good book recommendation), and finding new ways to entertain a very opinionated toddler.

Fun facts: I LOVE a good drive. I've driven coast to coast across the country twice, traversed the entire East Coast from upstate NY down to Miami, and I've covered an obscene amount of miles in the interior of US. My most ridiculous trip is 40 hours of driving in just 48 hours, although I really don't recommend that one if you value your health.

Before I came into medicine: Before medicine, I worked a number of different fun jobs.I've done everything from waiting tables, to being a valet for special events, to teaching prep courses for Kaplan. Generally, anything that allowed me to work with a team (read: socialize) was a reasonable option in terms of employment.

What made me pursue my residency training in Anesthesiology: I chose Anesthesiology because it feels like the closest thing to magic. How else could you cut open a patient's chest while they lie there comfortably asleep and have them wake up with no recollection of the ordeal? Also, the ability to impact physiology in real-time, the required attention to detail and nuance of practice, and the inherent team-oriented nature of our specialty are all major factors that I hope will make every day engaging during my career.

Kenny Hunt

Kenny HuntHometown: Pleasanton, CA

Education history: Undergrad: University of Colorado, Boulder; Medical School: University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia

Hobbies: Unlike most of my colleagues, I enjoy the outdoors. Especially mountain biking, snowboarding, rock climbing, and hiking. I also enjoyreading sci-fi and tolerating my cat.

Fun facts: I have been in the eye of a hurricane.

Before I came into medicine: I worked for the tobacco cessation quit line then worked in clinical research for the Cystic Fibrosis group at National Jewish Health.

What made me pursue my residency training in Anesthesiology: Focusing on one patient at a time and the real-time physiology and pharmacology.

Gideon Levinson

Gideon LevinsonHometown: Huntington Woods, MI

Education history: BS, Psychology, University of Michigan; MD, Loyola University Chicago; Intern Year, General Surgery, Rush University Chicago

Hobbies: Singing and mastering vocal runs, taking care of my plants, musical theater, making candles, taking pictures, being outside, traveling the world, cooking, and being an uncle!

Fun facts: I'm the youngest of four boys. I've traveled to 32 countries on 5 continents. I studied musical theater prior to medicine. I was a competitive Irish dancer in high school, and I can do the splits.

Before I came into medicine: I originally studied musical theater in undergrad before deciding on medicine. Prior to medical school, I spent a year teaching English in an elementary school in Rishon Le Tzion in Israel and volunteered at the Have Faith Haiti Mission in Port-au Prince.

What made me pursue my residency training in Anesthesiology: I was initially drawn to pediatrics because that's my favorite patient population to work with, but I really found myself drawn to the anesthesiologist's unique ability to focus on one patient and every aspect of their care. The field is so versatile from the OR to the L&D suite, to critical care, outpatient pain, and palliative care. The first day I worked on a pediatric case and sang my patients to sleep during induction, I knew without a shadow of a doubt I wanted to be an anesthesiologist.

Alex Linse

Alex LinseHometown: Laurel, MO

Education history: Arizona State University; University of Colorado School of Medicine

Hobbies: I am definitely a person always in search of a new hobby. Some of my favorite things to do right now include playing soccer and volleyball, skiing and hiking are obvious choices in Colorado. I really enjoy cooking and baking new recipes, and I love getting way too competitive playing board games. One hobby I am trying to revive is brewing my own kombucha again, one I am trying to learn is sewing, and one I would enjoy trying in the future is pottery.

Fun facts: I used to work part time at a wildlife sanctuary where I took care of rehabilitating animals including hand feeding a three-legged raccoon. I am far too passionate about Taylor Swift. I will drink iced coffee no matter how cold the weather is. I wish I could eat breakfast every meal of the day.

Before I came into medicine: I only had one year between undergraduate and medical school and during that year I worked as a CNA in a memory care facility in a small town in Montana. I also spent a lot of my free time that year skiing at as many mountains as I could, including backcountry. Before that I worked for the athletics department at Arizona State University, which will always be one of my most memorable jobs!

What made me pursue my residency training in Anesthesiology: I chose to become an anesthesiologist because I thought it combined all the best parts of different organ systems into one specialty where I could care for critically ill individuals both in and out of the operating room. I enjoy being able to directly care for patients through both procedures and medication management of their sedation and analgesia. I also think anesthesia provides a unique opportunity to build strong relationships with patients as we care for them in some of their most vulnerable states.

Vikasini Mahalingam

Vikasini MahalingamHometown: Denver, CO

Education history: Undergraduate: CU Denver, Medical School: CU School of Medicine, Intern year: CU Anesthesia CBY (notice a theme?)

Hobbies: I enjoy cooking, jazz, comedy, reading, horticulture, and graphic design. In reality, this just means that I force my friends and family to listen to my playlists and buy needlessly expensive plants and snacks.

Fun facts: I was born at University hospital where I now also work! Other facts: I have never purchased a lottery ticket, have the periodic table memorized, and I am right-handed.

Before I came into medicine: Prior to medicine, I studied anthropology, then worked at an art museum and briefly hosted a jazz radio show on CU Boulder’s college radio station, Radio 1190. I also ran a few half marathons and was a (very) part-time dog sitter.

What made me pursue my residency training in Anesthesiology: Anesthesia is unique in that patients and anesthesiologists tend to share similar goals, and I feel lucky to be in a field that serves patients' needs so directly. I get to translate complex physiologic concepts and apply them in real time to protect and relieve a patient during a physically and mentally challenging time. I also happen to love the camaraderie and teamwork that comes with working in an operating room.

Shauna Maty

Shauna MatyHometown: Centennial, CO

Education history: Undergrad: University of British Columbia; Grad School: New York University (MPH); Medical School: St. George's University (MD). IM PrelimIntern Year: Icahn School of Medicine Mount Sinai - Elmhurst Hospital Program in Queens, NY

Hobbies: iPhone photography, traveling, ice hockey, skiing, scuba diving, urban hiking, and being outside!

Fun facts: I've traveled to 35 different countries and once caught a foul ball at a Yankees game while my fiance had stepped away to grab snacks and drinks.

Before I came into medicine: Before medicine, I spent some time as an EMT, worked for the NYC Department of Health, and was a nanny while in grad school.

What made me pursue my residency training in Anesthesiology: Coming from a family centered around aviation, anesthesia immediately struck me as being the pilot of the OR equipped with their own cockpit and had many parallels to the aviation world: quick decision making, anticipatory judgement calls, small adjustments with immediate feedback, and the privilege of caring for those whose well-being is temporarily in your hands.

Carlos Mucharraz

Carlos MucharrazHometown: Fort Worth, TX

Education history: University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus, Aurora, CO, General Surgery Intern, 2022; Northwestern University, Feinberg School of Medicine, Chicago, IL, MD, 2022 Northwestern University Evanston, IL, B. A. in Biological Sciences, 2017

Hobbies: I am passionate about music and really enjoy snowboarding, cooking, crafting beer, and traveling to new places.

Fun facts: There are only two families in the world with my last name. My great, great grandfathers split the family. Half stayed in Spain while the other half went to Mexico. My half of the family was the half that moved to Mexico.

Before I came into medicine: My first job was in the fast food industry as a drive-thru cashier. I also helped to compile data for a medical resource company called NowPow.

What made me pursue my residency training in Anesthesiology: I chose to pursue Anesthesiology for my training because Anesthesiologists are arguably the most integrated throughout the hospital given that they work with an extensive amount of specialties, often obtain additional degrees such as MBAs, are actively engaged in hospital leadership, and are considered the master resuscitators in medicine.

Blake Primi

Blake PrimiEducation history: Bachelor's in Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology from the University of Colorado at Boulder. Doctor of Medicine (M.D.) from the University of Colorado School of Medicine. Emergency Medicine Residency at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine. Anesthesiology Critical Care Medicine Fellowship, University of Colorado

Hobbies: I enjoy skiing, snowboarding, hiking, climbing, camping, biking, and traveling internationally.

Fun facts: I have traveled to 40 countries and hope to see 100 in my lifetime.

Before I came into medicine: I served in the military.

What made me pursue my residency training in Anesthesiology: I discovered Critical Care during my residency training in Emergency Medicine. While working in the ER was very rewarding, I found myself wanting more. I wanted more time with my critically ill patients to discover and treat their underlying disease instead of simply stabilizing them to go upstairs. I wanted more opportunities to be present for my patients and their families in moments of crisis to offer my empathy. I also wanted more time to teach. In residency, some of my favorite shifts occurred during quiet early mornings when I could spend a few extra minutes helping a junior resident find the perfect acoustic window on ultrasound, or explaining to a student how a patients pathophysiology matches their symptoms and watching it all transform for them. It was in the ICU where I found not only fulfillment for everything above, but also a renewed sense of wonder in medicine itself. I feel the same excitement I had a decade ago learning medicine for the first time as I do now during rounds when we discuss mechanical circulatory support options for a patient in cardiogenic shock or the use of methylene blue for recalcitrant vasoplegia. And when such extreme measures fail, I found that some of my most rewarding experiences in medicine have occurred while sitting down to guide heart-broken family members through a difficult goals-of-care discussion. Ultimately, working in the ICU provides me the opportunity to continue to care for patients and their family members while simultaneously engaging learners, expert clinicians, and interdisciplinary teams. I believe those human connections are what sustain us in our careers and lie at the very heart of practicing medicine.

Sonja Radosevic

Sonja RadosevicHometown: Miami, FL

Education history: Undergrad: University of Denver; Med School: Florida International University (FIU HWCOM); Preliminary IM year: St Joseph (Denver, CO)

Hobbies: I like to play and watch sports. I enjoy playing tennis. I also like watching basketball and football. This last year, I also got back into skiing. Being in Colorado is the perfect opportunity to hit the slopes.

Fun facts: I played tennis in college.

Before I came into medicine: I took a gap year and went back to Miami for one year. I ended up working for an internal medicine private practice as a billing coordinator.

What made me pursue my residency training in Anesthesiology: lots of procedures, emphasis on physiology and pharmacology, high acuity.

Alex Shu

Alex ShuHometown: Las Vegas, NV

Education history: University of Utah: BS in Biomedical Engineering; University of Colorado School of Medicine: MD

Hobbies: Hiking, biking, playing the piano, trying new restaurants, cooking, learning to fix cars

Fun facts: I used to be someone who had never broken a bone before until I broke my leg while skiing in medical school. I guess having titanium in my leg is pretty cool too!

Before I came into medicine: Before medical school, I was an undergrad in Salt Lake City where I decided on going into medicine instead of engineering.

What made me pursue my residency training in Anesthesiology: I like the hands-on nature of anesthesia, and I enjoy being able to apply the physiologica lprinciples of medicine to the perioperative setting to take care of patients.

Aaron Smoroda

Aaron SmorodaHometown: Aurora, CO

Education history: Colorado School of Mines, University of Colorado Medical School

Hobbies: Music composition, arrangement, and sound/synthesizer design, skiing in the winter, wind surfing, hiking, biking, and rock climbing in the summer

Fun facts: I hosted a radio show covering entertaining current events in the past. I love a good laugh.

Before I came into medicine: I was an administrator and coder for a home health agency. I worked with employees and patients, and designed a database during my time there.

What made me pursue my residency training in Anesthesiology: I pursued anesthesiology because its the perfect mix of my engineering background and everything I enjoy about medicine. The physiology, the anatomy, the pharmacology. It's fascinating, hands on, and rewarding.

Sean Stevens

Sean StevensHometown: Cherry Hill, NJ

Education history: Pennsylvania State University - BS Biology; Tufts University - MS Biomedical Sciences; Cooper Medical School of Rowan University - MD

Hobbies: Golfing, skiing, hiking, attending concerts, traveling, video games, playing guitar, couch time with my pup

Fun facts: My life-long goals are to travel to all 7 continents and to play all of the top 100 golf courses in the US.

Before I came into medicine: I was a research assistant at Boston Children's Hospital.

What made me pursue my residency training in Anesthesiology: I chose to pursue anesthesiology because it allows the unique opportunity to help patients navigate through the stress of undergoing a procedure or surgery and the challenge of managing complex physiological mechanisms. Additionally, we have the opportunity to perform a variety of procedures and to provide comfort and ease pain for our patients.

Andy Truong

Andy TruongHometown: Camarillo, CA

Education history: UCLA - bachelors in physiological sciences, minor in music history; USC - masters in global medicine; CUSOM - MD

Hobbies: Gravel biking, golf, snowboarding, guitar

Fun facts: I once sat next to Lady Gaga's parents as a seat filler at the 2015 Academy Awards. I also adopted an English golden retriever from Russia who was a failed show dog.

Before I came into medicine: I pursued the music industry, working internships at Fox 20th Century Music and working as a sound technician.

What made me pursue my residency training in Anesthesiology: Taking away someone's pain and sending them on their dream vacation.

Patrick Wasserman

Patrick WassermanHometown: Providence, RI

Education history: Undergrad at Princeton, post-bacc at CU Denver, medical school at Brown, and intern year at St Joseph (IM)

Hobbies: Spending time with my wife and kids, all the typical Colorado outdoor activities, playing music

Fun facts: I've performed with an orchestra in six different countries and played division I golf in college.

Before I came into medicine: Opened a restaurant in Snowmass Village (the New Belgium Ranger Station) and ran it for three years before moving to Denver. Then became an EMT and volunteer firefighter, thus sparking my interest in medicine and setting me on my path towards becoming a doctor.

What made me pursue my residency training in Anesthesiology: Anesthesiology instantly felt like the perfect fit! I love the physiology, pharmacology, hands on procedures, OR team dynamic, and daily workflow. I really enjoy the short but meaningful patient interactions. I definitely seemed to have "found my people" in medicine!

Joel Zaldumbide

Joel ZaldumbideHometown: Kennesaw, GA

Education history: Johns Hopkins University; Emory University School of Medicine

Hobbies: Snowboarding, rollerblading, re-watching movies (especially Tarantino), Settlers of Catan/Risk/Code Names, music anywhere in any form at anytime.

Fun facts: At night I dress up as a bat and patrol the streets fighting for justice.

Before I came into medicine: I went on a cross-country trip, snowboarding from state to state.

What made me pursue my residency training in Anesthesiology: Simply put, I jived with all my mentors in Anesthesia. Anyone who comes into this field knows it's the absolute best blend of life and medicine.

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