Our Vision and Mission


Creation of a partnership that shares a common vision, has long-term goals that are measurable and achievable, and works within an agreed upon framework.


Our shared vision will be aligned with other work being undertaken both locally and nationally.

Effective and Sustainable

We will develop and implement high-quality projects that meet SMART-AIM goal parameters. Results will meet targets and will be published.

Respectful and Reciprocal

This will not be a top down or hierarchical program, but will rather be open, transparent, and thoughtful in its delivery. Partners will listen and respect each other, to better learn together.


The partnership will be well-structured and well managed. Decision making will be efficient, cost-effective, and transparent amongst all stakeholders.


Faculty and residents will be held to the highest possible standards of professional and ethical integrity. Relationships will be maintained on a foundation of mutual respect and a culture of trust will be maintained amongst all stakeholders.


Due to the inherent nature of working in the developing world apart from their typical environment, participants will be expected to be adaptable to change, flexible to the unknown, and respond in a professional manner to obstacles.


Partnerships will continually evaluate and reflect on work being accomplished. Objectives will be measured to assure adherence to guidelines and plans. Participants will be expected to have open dialogue with other stakeholders to ensure the furtherance of skills and knowledge.

We will succeed by living our mission, vision, and values with each experience we take part in. Creating a culture of service and scholarly excellence will be able to impact real change to an area of the world devoid of the technologic and human resources available to the developed world.

Pillars of Success


  • Serve the most vulnerable of the world by providing the highest quality, comprehensive pre-operative anesthesia care.


  • Train and educate local anesthesia providers with a goal of increasing the system’s anesthesia capacity.
  • Provide CU residents with a culturally sensitive, goal oriented, educational experience allowing them to build on skills acquired at UCH.
  • Guide residents in Quality Improvement projects putting acquired skills into practice.


  • As part of the collaborative agreement clinical, qualitative, and scientific research will take place with the goal of achieving publishable outcomes.

Anesthesiology (SOM)

CU Anschutz

Leprino Building

12401 East 17th Avenue

7th Floor

Aurora, CO 80045

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