Acute Pain Service

During the CA-1 or CA-2 year, residents will spend one month on the Acute Pain Service (APS). This rotation serves to develop resident competency in the prevention and treatment of acute post-operative pain. Emphasis is placed on peripheral nerve block (PNB) techniques .

During the rotation, residents will gain proficiency with both single injection and catheter based techniques utilized in lower extremity orthopedic procedures. Femoral, sciatic, lumbar plexus and popliteal blocks are routinely placed and managed by the APS. Both nerve stimulation and ultrasound techniques are utilized for block placement. In addition, residents will develop experience with thoracic neuraxial catheter placement.

Some experience is gained with upper extremity PNB techniques, however the majority of resident experience in this area will be obtained during rotations at the outpatient surgery center.

The APS is available to provide consult services for patients with chronic pain syndromes who are undergoing acute operative procedures. Dr Fiegel serves as director of the APS. Residents are supervised faculty members with expertise and interest in regional anesthesia or acute pain.

Finally, the APS employs two full-time advance practice nurses with significant experience in the treatment of acute pain syndromes.