Formal Medical Student Courses

Thank you for your interest in our sub-internship program at the University of Colorado Department of Orthopedic Surgery. The Department of Orthopedic Surgery conducts six formal medical student courses spread over the four-year curriculum.  

The Orthopedic Faculty also participate in the Foundations of Doctoring curriculum serving preceptors for third-year students and as facilitators for physical exam sessions. The Director of Medical Student Education is a member of the Academic Committee, which coordinates all teaching activities within the Department. The current director is a member of the SOM Curriculum Committee and the newly forming Clinical Education Working Group, which is addressing curriculum reform. 

We wanted to make you aware of a recent change in our program policy. Due to the large and growing number of applications to our program, we are no longer able to guarantee every sub-I a formal interview. Although you will have access to the faculty and residents throughout your rotation, your acceptance as a sub-I no longer means you will definitely be invited back for a formal interview. 

The courses offered by the Department are as follows: