How To Apply

Application Information

We are pleased to accept applications exclusively through the Electronic Residency Application Service (ERAS).

ACGME Program Number:  4040740001

Please do not send application documents to the program coordinator as they will not be reviewed.  

    Please visit ERAS 2023 for the Application Revised Timeline in this link.

    Interview Dates

    • September 16, 2022
    • September 23, 2022
    • October 7, 2022
    • October 28, 2022

    NRMP Match

    The timeline:

    • 8/24/2022 – Registration Opens 
    • 9/28/2022 – Ranking Begins
    • 11/2/2022 – Quota Change/Withdrawl Deadline
    • 11/16/2022 – Rank order list certification deadline
    • 11/30/2022 – MATCH DAY! 
    • 7/1/2023 – Training Begins


    Eligibility Requirements

    Please note:

    The University of Colorado has a requirement for COVID-19 vaccinations and full completion thereof by 9/1/21 or upon start date. Information regarding this requirement, and exemptions (medical and religious) can be found here.

    In addition, COVID boosters are required as of 1/24/2022.

    For the latest COVID-19 news and protocols visit the Anschutz Medical Campus COVID-19 webpage.

    Read below for additional information and application requirements for the Addiction Medicine Fellowship:

    How To Apply - Elective Rotations

    Important Information:

    Due to COVID-19, the University of Colorado is restricting travel for all employees and trainees outside of Colorado.  

    Visiting trainees from outside the state of Colorado are not allowed to complete elective rotations.

    Visiting trainees from within the state of Colorado are allowed to submit elective rotation requests.  

    Currently there is no timeline on these travel restrictions, but we anticipate they will continue through the remainder of the calendar year.  If you are still interested in an elective rotation with one of our fellowships, please email our program coordinator, Kasie Holcomb. We will keep a list of individuals interested in elective rotations with our fellowship and, if things change, will reach out to you on availability.  Please keep in mind, it takes approximately 90 days to complete the required paperwork for an elective rotation with the University of Colorado if you are not currently in the system.

    Elective rotation requests for the University of Colorado Addiction Medicine Fellowship program and all required documentation must be submitted 90 days prior to the requested rotation date.  Rotations are limited to two-week blocks; 1-15 or 16-31 of the month.  If approved for an elective rotation with the University of Colorado, you will be notified via email.

    Please send one email with the following information to Kasie Holcomb to request an elective rotation: 


    Kasie Holcomb
    Program Coordinator