Class of 2026


Dr. Sarah Beaverson

Sarah Beaverson, MD

University Health Track

Education: BS, Duke University; MD, Virginia Commonwealth University School of Medicine

Hometown: Villanova, PA

Hi everyone! I grew up in a suburb outside of Philadelphia and made my way south to attend college at Duke University. In college, I majored in Global Health and Biology where I developed an interest in health inequalities and community health research. After college, I worked on community health outreach and educational projects in the Durham, NC community at the Duke University Division of Community Health. I realized all the physicians and researchers I was working with were Family Medicine docs and knew this must be the specialty for me! 

In medical school, I had the privilege of being accepted into the Family Medicine Scholar Training Admission Tract (fmSTAT) program, a program focused on developing Family Medicine values in students committed to the field of Family Medicine. While in medical school, I enjoyed being a part of my school’s Family Medicine interest group, health equity and anti-racism club, and the Students Fighting Human Trafficking organization.

I am thrilled to join the UCFMR community and start a new chapter in Denver, CO! I was drawn to the program because of the remarkably talented and thoughtful residents and faculty I met during my interviews, the program’s commitment to advancing community engagement and health equity, and the opportunity to pursue my interests in addiction medicine, medical education, and maternal/reproductive health.

Outside of medicine, I love to go on long runs and walk with my dog and fiancé around Denver’s many parks, listen to podcasts, and read.

Dr. Paul Beinhoff

Paul Beinhoff MD

University Health Track

Education: BA, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign; MD, Medical College of Wisconsin

Hometown: Lake Bluff, IL

Hello! I grew up in the north suburbs of Chicago and attended UIUC in central IL. During undergrad, I was a caregiver for students with physical disabilities and a rural ED scribe which gave me a strong interest in Family Medicine. While in medical school, I frequently enjoyed tutoring, mentoring, and researching ways to improve the primary care pipeline. I chose to continue my training at the University of Colorado to facilitate these interests through Family Medicine. In the future, I look forward to building meaningful relationships with my patients to foster connections similar to those that brought me here. During my free time I enjoy playing videogames, painting miniature figurines (Warhammer), taking long walks with my wife, watching anime, and playing board games. I also love trying new foods with a favorite for steamed buns and noodles.

Dr. Eva Bernstein

Eva Bernstein, MD

University Health Track

Education: BS, University of Wisconsin-Madison; MD, Sidney Kimmel Medical College at Thomas Jefferson University

Hometown: Elkins Park, PA 

Hello! I’m Eva (she/her) and I grew up in the suburbs of Philadelphia (Go birds!!). I attended the University of Wisconsin-Madison where I studied Human Development and Family Studies, Gender and Women’s Studies, and became a big fan of cheese curds. After college I moved to Vancouver, Canada and worked as a research coordinator for an organization focused on collaboration between patients, providers, and policy makers. This sparked a passion for shared decision making and community advocacy that I knew I would want to foster as a future physician.

I returned to Philadelphia to attend Sidney Kimmel Medical College at Thomas Jefferson University. I had the opportunity to work with women and children experiencing homelessness which deepened my understanding of the holes in our healthcare system and the need for holistic primary care. Family Medicine became an easy choice for me as I loved bits and pieces of every specialty and more than anything wanted the ability to work with patients throughout their lifetime. I am thrilled to be continuing my training at UCFMR, because it puts community at its core; both in who it serves and how people treat one another. I’m looking forward to learning from my co-residents and mentors and pursuing my interests in medical education, adolescent health, and pre/postpartum care.

When I’m not working you can probably find me trying a new restaurant with my husband or on a hike excited to eat a great homemade sandwich at the summit.

Dr. Madeline Dang

Madeline Dang, MD

Denver Health Track

Education: BSPH, Tulane University; MPH, Tulane University School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine; MD, Medical College of Wisconsin

Hometown: Kansas City, MO

Hi ya! I am so excited and grateful to be joining the University of Colorado Department of Family Medicine. I am originally from Kansas City, MO, but I have been a little bit of everywhere to help me get to this point. I did my undergraduate and Masters in New Orleans, then moved to Seattle for a few years, where I worked as a patient care coordinator and research coordinator, and in 2019, I began medical school in Milwaukee. Throughout my educational, volunteering, work, research and life experiences, I realized I loved working with all age ranges and wanted to form trusting, long-term relationships with my patients, which led me to Family Medicine. I especially have a passion for reproductive health and justice, as well as LGBTQ+ and gender-affirming care. My research in medical school focused predominantly on transgender individuals and their access, uptake, and persistence in taking pre-exposure prophylaxis for HIV, which reaffirmed my dedication to working with patients who need preventative medicine but may not have the best access or support. I am dedicated to working with underserved patients and providing care to those who need it most. I hope to do public health research throughout my clinical career to help identify interventions that can help patients more at risk for negative health outcomes. I cannot express how excited I am to be part of the University of Colorado Department of Family Medicine. Here, I finally get to make my dreams come true!

 Outside of the hospital and clinic, I love baking, running, playing ridiculous board games with my husband, and knitting pieces for my friends and family.

Dr. Carlos Estevez-Celi

Carlos Estevez-Celi, DO

Denver Health Track

Education:  BA, University of Colorado, Colorado Springs; DO, A.T. Stills University – Kirksville College of Medicine

Hometown: Fort Lauderdale, FL

Hey, there! I have had the pleasure of living all over the country. I grew up in Florida before joining the army after high school and being sent all over before landing in Colorado Springs. I spent ten years there serving as a combat medic and critical care flight paramedic with two tours to Afghanistan. Then, I went to the University of Colorado – Colorado Springs, majoring in Philosophy. I love discussing existentialism, ethics, and practical applications of philosophical concepts. I completed one year of my MPH in epidemiology here at Anschutz prior to being accepted to med school. That’s where my passions and interests in public health and public health policy began. I attended ATSU-KCOM, completing didactic years in Kirksville, MO, and my clinical years in Phoenix, AZ.  I was fortunate to be able to do one of my Family Medicine rotations in a medically underserved community, introducing me to the wildly diverse practice of full-spectrum Family Medicine. During medical school, I did research in AI-assisted diagnostic algorithms for the earlier detection of pancreatic cancer. It has sparked an interest in the application of AI in clinical care.  I am passionate about carrying out whole-person health to individuals and applying the same mantra to population health. I am ecstatic to be on the DH track tending to an extremely diverse patient population while having University support to pursue health care advocacy.

 Outside of medicine I love spending time with my daughter and wife. I enjoy rock climbing, mountain biking, weight-lifting, and touring the craft beer scene in Denver!

Dr. Ballie Frizell-Thomas

Baillie Frizell-Thomas, MD

Denver Health Track

Education: BS, Iowa State University; MD, University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health

Hometown: Maple Grove, MN

Hello everyone! As a true Midwesterner, I grew up in a suburb of Minneapolis before heading to Iowa State to study Psychology. During my time in college, I had the opportunity to be a medical scribe at a FQHC, where I was first exposed to the complex socio-economic and medical conditions underrepresented populations faced in their day to day lives. When I headed to medical school in Madison, WI, I quickly became connected with our student-run free clinics that served a primary Spanish-speaking population. Furthermore, I was heavily involved with community-based approaches to addressing the Black maternal and infant mortality crisis occurring in our nation and worked to develop the “Today Not Tomorrow Pregnancy and Infant Support Program.” I was extremely drawn to Family Medicine as a way to build longitudinal relationships with patients and their families in addition to addressing social determinants of health and health inequities, specifically in underserved patient populations. I am very passionate about DEI initiatives, mentorship for URM students, medical education and community engagement/advocacy and I look forward to incorporating these passions into my future career. I am excited to be starting this new adventure in Denver with the UCFMR program, working with a diverse group of residents and faculty and continuing to serve the community & addressing systemic problems that plague our healthcare system. In my free time, I enjoy long distance running/hiking, watching soccer with my husband, finding new recipes/charcuterie board ideas on Pinterest, and traveling to new countries.

Dr. Christopher HIgginson

Christopher Higginson, MD, MPH

Denver Health Track

Education: BA, Harvard College; MD, MPH, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Hometown: New Orleans, LA

Hi y’all! My name is Chris – nice to meet you. I’m a New Orleanian, born and raised. Hopefully the spirit of the Big Easy is still with me – certainly it is in weekly red beans and rice dinner, Mardi Gras celebrations, and a giddy enthusiasm to sit on the porch on late summer evenings.

I left home for college, where I loved courses in English (mostly studying poetry and Civil War rhetoric), health policy, education, and urban/community health. I also adored lots of time playing soccer and Spikeball and learning to ski (on the East Coast – NH/VT – gasp!), all of which I still try to find time for.

In medical school, I was immediately drawn to Family Medicine. The longitudinal relationships, the expansive and inclusive perspective of full-scope practice, and the deep crossovers with public health were big draws. Working at UNC’s free student-run health clinic, on a medical humanities project related to end-of-life care, and on an MPH-thesis related to primary care workforce capacity in North Carolina were some of my most meaningful commitments.

I’m thrilled to be returning to Denver to join the UCFMR team! There’s so much that excites me about the program, both internally (my co-residents are incredible) and externally (community engagement and roots, advocacy, and the DH FQHC clinic setting). Please reach out anytime – I’m looking forward to meeting everyone!

Dr. Eric Marceau

Eric Marceau, MD

Rural Training Track

Education: MD, University of Washington School of Medicine

Hometown: Salish Tribe, MT

Eric is a descendant of the Salish tribe and grew up on his home reservation in west Montana. He worked as an EMT for his local ambulance service in Montana while pursuing his undergraduate studies. Eric obtained his A.S. at Salish Kootenai College in Montana and is B.S. in Biology from Stanford University. In medical school he demonstrated his dedication to mentorship of Native students by founding Medical Mentorship Program with a local nonprofit in Bozeman Montana, Hopa Mountain. He also has served as a mentor through the Browning Mentorship Program. Eric is committed to being a rural family medicine doctor and a part of the community contributing to providing both preventative and medical interventions to keep the community healthy.

Dr. Derek Nguyen

Derek Nguyen, MD

Denver Health Track

Education: BA, University of Oklahoma; MD, University of Oklahoma College of Medicine

Hometowns: Oklahoma City, OK

Hey, y’all! I’m Derek (he/him), and I grew up in Oklahoma City and have been an OU lifer (Boomer Sooner!) up until now. I graduated with a B.A. in International and Area Studies, where I found the perfect balance in learning about people, health, politics, and culture. In medical school, I was an active volunteer at free clinics for the OU Community Health Alliance, a Vietnamese translator for the Oklahoma Medical Reserve Corps, and served in multiple ambassadorship/mentorship roles. My experiences have culminated in my desire to establish long-term relationships with patients and communities to work to address health inequities.

I have interests in full-scope family practice (I literally want to do everything – outpatient, inpatient, OB, LGBTQIA+ care, reproductive healthcare, etc.) and academic medicine. In particular, I want to address social/structural determinants of health and bridge the gaps to care for immigrant and refugee communities. I felt all of my interests and passions could be fostered here at the University of Colorado Family Medicine Residency.

Catch me spending time with my partner, Abigail, and our two cat children, Bagheera (tortie) and Indie (tabby). Otherwise, I’m playing board games, going to trivia nights, watching/playing sports, and attending/attempting to win more concert tickets. As a new Denver transplant, I’m excited to explore the restaurants, neighborhoods, and learn more about my new community!

Dr. Olivia Perez

Olivia Perez, MD

University Health Track

Education: BA, Swarthmore College; MD, Columbia University

Home State: New Jersey

Hey everyone! I grew up in NJ but spent the past eight years living in New York City working in business and attending medical school. In medical school, I led a student-run free clinic and fell in love with primary care. I have a strong background in basic science research and have received funding from the Howard Hughes Medical Insitute and the National Institutes of Health to research on topics ranging from sleep, learning, & memory to the gut microbiome at the University of Pennsylvania and Columbia University. During med school, I worked on the farm and in the kitchen of a two-Michelin star restaurant and have enjoyed bringing lessons from biodynamic farming and world-class hospitality into my patient care. 

I chose Family Medicine because it requires deep knowledge across all organ systems and allows me to think critically about root causes of disease and social determinants of health. My professional interests include type 2 diabetes, metabolic health, chronic disease prevention & reversal, and food as medicine. I chose UCFMR because of all the places I interviewed, this program stood out to me as the most exceptional in its training and strong FM faculty leadership. 

For fun, I enjoy racing sailboats, reading the NEJM, and hiking at high altitudes--my personal record is 17,598 feet. I have lived in Madrid and Tokyo, have traveled to over thirty countries, and can order dinner at a restaurant in six languages.  

Dr. Anna Pisac

Anna Pisac, MD

University Health Track

Education: BA, Wellesley College; MS, Arizona State University; MD, Mayo Clinic Alix School of Medicine – Arizona

Hometown: Snohomish, WA

Hello all! I grew up in a small farm town in the Pacific Northwest where, at times, it felt like my neighbors were better acquainted with our local large animal vets than our local physicians. Leaving behind the corn fields and cattle, I moved across the country to study Chemistry & Psychology at Wellesley College, where I played varsity softball and set records for most home runs hit and most ankles sprained.

After graduation, I traded my jersey for a lab coat and managed a research team at a company investigating microbiome-oriented therapies for rare conditions like hepatic encephalopathy and urea cycle disorders. While there, I worked extensively with a local hospice organization and grew to appreciate how excellent physicians could both drive medicine forward through research as well as bring comfort, joy, and safety to patients in and out of the clinic.

I built upon these values in medical school where I worked with local student athletes in coaching and medical capacities, led our student-run journal club, and served as a delegate with the Arizona Medical Association to help advocate for state-wide policy change. Now, at UCFMR, I hope to expand on my interests in patient-centered preventative care, medical education, sports medicine, and procedural training in a supportive environment with incredible co-residents and faculty.

Outside of the clinic, I love playing video games with my fiancé, making new air fryer recipes, skiing, playing softball, and trying to leash-train my two cats in hopes of someday taking them on hikes in the Colorado mountains.

Dr. Lillian (Lillie) Toaspern

Lillian (Lillie) Toaspern, MD

University Health Track

Education: BA, Washington University in St. Louis; MD, University of Colorado School of Medicine

Hometown: Denver, CO

Hello! My name is Lillie (she/her) and I’m so excited to be part of UCFMR, training in and learning from my childhood community. I grew up here in Denver but left the state for college, studying anthropology and environmental studies at Washington University in St. Louis (while also playing Division 3 soccer, go bears!). During my time at WashU I gained an appreciation for the impact of population-wide medicine and intended to pursue a career in public health.

However, life had other plans and I embarked on an entirely different path, instead playing a season of professional soccer with the Chicago Red Stars. This quick detour helped me to realize my desire for a more hands-on role in the health care system and thus I began the post-grad journey of a post-baccalaureate program and clinical research coordinating at Northwestern University.

I was lucky enough to return home to attend University of Colorado School of Medicine, where I learned from community members in the Urban and Underserved Track and implemented change as the Executive President of the Medical School Council. Throughout my four years, I was drawn to the intersection of clinical care and humanity, to a specialty that treated a patient’s health in the context of their daily life. And that is why I’m so proud to be at UCFMR, a program that emphasizes these values while supporting our individual growth. I’m looking forward to exploring all of my areas of interest, including many aspects of women’s health, sports medicine, climate change medicine, POCUS and health policy advocacy. In my free time you can find me doing all sorts of Colorado-y things including trail running with my roommate, skiing at any Ikon mountain, playing co-ed soccer, hosting dinner parties, hanging out with my parents or playing with my cat, Miso.

Dr. Jessie Wallace

Jessie Wallace, MD

Rural Training Track

Education: BA, Lewis & Clark College; MD, Oregon Health & Science University School of Medicine

Hometowns: Steamboat Springs, CO & Peachtree Corners, GA

Hello everyone! I grew up in the suburbs of Atlanta before my family moved to the lovely Colorado mountains when I was in middle school. I developed my passion for rural healthcare in Steamboat while working with local docs in high school and discovered the importance of sharing a community with my patients. I also fell in love with skiing and all things outdoors! I moved to Portland, OR for undergrad to study biochemistry and Hispanic Studies. Study abroad and research trips to Chile and Cuba combined my passions for expanding access to women’s and reproductive healthcare and immersing myself in other cultures (and practicing my Spanish). I also led outdoor trips and was trained in wilderness medicine, which cemented my desire to become a physician. After undergrad, I worked as a raft guide and then as a research coordinator for pregnancy clinical trials. In medical school, I joined the rural track and completed extended rotations in small towns in Eastern and Southern Oregon. I was also involved in legislative advocacy work for people with substance use disorders and focused my research on how we can better care for pregnant people and families effected by substance use.

I love rural Family Medicine because we really get the chance to build lasting relationships with our patients and we get to do a little bit of everything! I am interested in obstetrics, reproductive health, addiction medicine, wilderness medicine, and behavioral health. I am so excited to be back in Colorado at UCFMR to be closer to my family and the mountains!

Outside of medicine, you can find me skiing (even when ski season is over). I also love biking, running, reading, spending time with my partner and family, and exploring Denver with my new colleagues/friends.

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