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The High Plains Research Network (HPRN) is a rural practice- and community-based research network and a certified practice transformation organization. HPRN conducts a range of studies and projects that inform primary care and public health practice and aim to improve the health of people in rural, eastern Colorado.

The HPRN aims to work with all 50+ primary care offices and 16 hospitals in the 16 counties of eastern Colorado. HPRN partners with local primary care practices, behavioral health professionals, public health agencies, schools, organizations, and community members to ensure its work is relevant to people living in rural, eastern Colorado.


Where We Work

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HPRN Region Facts

  • 17 rural and frontier counties
  • 170,000 people (approximately 28% Hispanic)
  • 30,000 square miles
  • 50+ primary care practices (26 hospital-affiliates,16 Federally Qualified Health Center sites, 7 private practices,1 University-affiliate, and 1 community mental health center)
  • 15 hospitals (11 critical access hospitals)
  • 8 local public health departments
  • 27% of the region works in Agriculture/Transportation
  • Home to 225,390 head of cattle; 633,200 acres of corn; 566,000 acres of wheat

Combining Inquiry and Service


Most patient-level research is conducted in specialty-based academic settings. Practice-based research focuses on settings where most people receive most of their medical care most of the time — their primary care doctor’s office.

The HPRN uses a variety of methods to conduct projects that:

  • Test the effectiveness of new treatments and programs in real-world, rural ambulatory settings and communities.
  • Identify and reduce gaps in care.
  • Maximize the number of patients who benefit from medical discovery.

Our projects bring exciting services and resources to eastern Colorado, including team-based trainings, educational materials, equipment, CME, monetary compensation, and local practice facilitators at no cost.


Partnering With Communities

The partnerships with the 50+ primary care practices as well as local hospitals, public health departments, community organizations, and community members are essential to HPRN’s success. Guided by the principles of community-based participatory research, our team strives to develop and maintain relationships and work with people who live in eastern Colorado. Community Advisory Committee Meeting

Over the years, the HPRN has become known as a leader in community-engaged health research. Our work is done in partnership with ranchers, teachers, small business workers, practice team members, pastors, students, police officers, pharmacists, other state agencies, behavioral health organizations, and many others who care about their communities!

The Community Advisory Council ensures HPRN’s work is relevant to practices and communities in eastern Colorado. The C.A.C. helps determine, develop, and evaluate projects and share results locally and across the country.

The Boot Camp Translation process was developed by the HPRN C.A.C. and has become a major contributor to the methods available to engage community partners in health research.

Practice Innovation and Transformation Services and Research

For over a decade, HPRN has served eastern Colorado as a certified practice transformation organization. HPRN is home to trained practice facilitators who live in northeast and southeast Colorado, providing onsite, tailored support for a variety of practice transformation initiatives.

Other partners include those within the local community. The HPRN works to: HPRN-Branding-pic-2-2023-Content-Block

  • Provide valuable resources to practices and communities through research, including evidence-based education materials, training, equipment, and practice facilitation
  • Demonstrate whether treatments are truly effective and sustainable in the real-world setting of ambulatory care
  • Identify and reduce gaps between recommended care and actual care
  • Maximize the number of patients who benefit from medical discovery

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