Longitudinal Leadership Curriculum

How it works:

The Leadership Curriculum is broken down into two parts. The first is leadership skill building that all residents will experience as part of our core residency. The second is the Longitudinal Leadership Curriculum (LLC) where those residents that desire additional exposure and experience to leadership skills can participate in a variety of actives over the year. The LLC will include a series of activities over an 18-month cycle and then repeat.



Our Goals:

  • All residents: By graduation, all residents will be able to demonstrate effective leadership skills in their clinical practice, professional organizations, and communities in order to better serve the healthcare needs of their patients and the public.
  • Residents in the Longitudinal Leadership Concentration (LLC): Graduates of the concentration will build upon the leadership curriculum’s foundational skills to become confident and effective change agents in the settings in which they serve.

Our Objectives:

We have multiple Learning objectives that center around four domains:

  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Communication
  • Teamwork
  • Impact of systems of health care

The Structure:

Meet about monthly in the evening. We will also have an occasional 5th Wednesday noon session. Activities in the LLC will include:

  • Attune, affirm, advance – Leadership skills
  • Book clubs
  • Narrative medicine exercise
  • Difficult conversations
  • Round table discussions with leaders (team conflict, leadership style)
  • Diversity and Inclusion training
  • Storytelling
  • Time management
  • Stages of teams (forming/storming, values clarification, etc.)
  • Coaching 101, 102
  • And many more

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