Boot Camp Translation

What is Boot Camp Translation?

Boot Camp Translation (BCT), or sometimes called “Community Translation,” leverages the expertise of community members to translate dense scientific evidence and guidelines into messages, campaigns and materials that are locally relevant and conversational. The term “Boot Camp” refers to the intensity of the activity. While fun work, the BCT process requires commitment to complete tasks and activities. All participants come through the process stronger and smarter. The key elements of BCT are the local community engagement and discovery.

BCT has evolved from its beginning as an effort to include the High Plains Research Network’s (HPRN) Community Advisory Council in a project to increase screening rates for colon cancer, into what is now a standardized, proven process that has been replicated within many communities and throughout many projects in Colorado and across the country.

The development process of a BCT typically lasts between six and nine months and includes a series of in-person and phone meetings. At the end of the development phase, groups work with trained BCT facilitators, medical experts and designers to produce high-quality materials that are distributed in local community venues.


This is more than a series of focus groups:

BCT recognizes the expertise that community members and researchers bring to the table and takes advantage of sharing each person’s expertise to achieve success.
BCTs begin with a medical expert presenting an in-depth educational session on the given topic. The information is not over-simplified for a lay audience.
Throughout a BCT, the same community and academic partners participate. The result is a robust group dynamic.
BCT facilitators are part of the BCT team. There is “back and forth” communication, and the facilitator’s expertise is shared as part of the group.
BCT engages local community members in changing the way patients and community members think and communicate about health.


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