How To Apply - Sports Medicine Fellowship



Interviews are scheduled in October and November.

The deadline to apply is September 1, 2021

Fellowship training begins on July 1st.

The University of Colorado Sports Medicine Fellowship uses the National Ranking Match (NRMP).  Applicants must register for the match via the NRMP.  Note:  NRMP is a separate online registration from ERAS. 

Interview Day, Benefits, & Stipends

Interview Day

Check back soon for details regarding interview scheduling.

How to Apply - Elective Rotation

We are currently accepting outside rotation requests; however, we will continue to monitor recommendations of The Coalition for Physician Accountability’s Work Group and University of Colorado’s policy on request for elective rotations as these may change depending on the spread of COVID 19.

Due to the high demand for elective rotations, requests are limited to:

  • Trainees in their final year of training
  •  2-week blocks; 1-15 or 16-31

Residents interested in applying for an elective rotation must submit the following information to Laurie Lemmel 90 days prior to the requested rotation date.  Your application will be reviewed and we will notify you via email if your request has been approved.

Elective Request Required Documentation:

  • Requested Rotation Dates

Separate Attachments:

  • Personal Statement

                  -Include why you are interested in the specialty of Sports Medicine and why the University of Colorado.

  • CV
  • Medical School Diploma
  • Exam Scores

Approved Rotation Required Documents: 

If your request for an elective rotation is approved, you will be required to submit additional documentation.  Please click HERE To download the complete list of documents.