Opportunities for Medical Students

We offer four opportunities for fourth-year medical students: an inpatient Sub-Internship at University Hospital, an inpatient rotation at Denver Health Hospital, and two Outpatient Courses. Details about each course are listed below.

We use the Visiting Student Learning Opportunities (VSLO), program, an online application service developed by the AAMC for senior “away” electives. Please check with your institution to see if they use this service. To register for a rotation with our program, you will need to submit a request through VSLO. The application window opens March 1 of each year.

Our available spots are limited. After students from our own institution have been placed, we open remaining spots to visiting students. If you are not selected, that doesn’t mean we wouldn’t love to have you at our residency program! Please take advantage of other opportunities to get to know us, like visiting our booth at the AAFP National Conference held annually in late July.

Health Equity Externship Scholarship

Family Medicine (SOM)

CU Anschutz

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12631 East 17th Avenue

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