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Laura Washington

Laura Washington

Role Within the Internship: Coordinator, Department of Family Medicine Behavioral Health

Tidbit About Yourself: I am married with three kids, one dog, one cat, and countless transportation responsibilities carting these valued family members to various activities.



Rick Kamins, PhD

Rick Kamins, PhD

Role Within the Internship: Didactic Instructor for Professional Seminar, Outcome-Oriented Psychotherapy

Degree Specialty: Clinical Psychology

Internship: William S. Hall Psychiatric Institute, Columbia S.C.

Graduate School: University of Alabama

Clinical Specialty: Brief Therapy

Tidbit About Yourself: I played semi-pro baseball while in graduate school.


Fernand Lubuguin, PhD

Fernand Lubuguin, PhD

Role Within the Internship (Major Rotation Supervisor, Minor Rotation Supervisor, Advisor, etc.): Diversity Seminar instructor & facilitator

Degree Specialty: Clinical Psychology

Internship: Palo Alto VA Medical Center

Graduate School:  University of Colorado at Boulder

Clinical Specialty:  Diversity, multiculturalism, culturally responsive treatment

What do you like about supervising or being involved in the internship: I’m honored to have the privilege of contributing to the continued development of the interns’ skills in providing culturally responsive treatment.  

Tidbit about Yourself: I have a penchant for speed in four and two-wheeled vehicles – a sports car, motorcycles, and bicycles.


Bryan Rojas-Arauz, PhD

Bryan O. Rojas-Araúz, PhD

Role Within the Internship: DEI committee member, Minor rotation Latinx Program and Spanish Language Supervisor

Degree Specialty: Counseling Psychology, Spanish Language Psychological Services and Research Specialization

Internship: University of Colorado Anschutz School of Medicine

Graduate School: University of Oregon

Clinical Specialty: Trauma psychology, Bilingual Spanish Services, Immigration psychology, Advocacy for systems level change, serving the needs of culturally diverse communities.

Tidbit About Yourself: I’m an immigrant of Costa Rican and Panamanian descent. I love food from all around the world: eating it, cooking it, having it, count me in. I spent my teenage years in the Bay Area in California where I was a community organizer and DREAM activist. I am now a scholar-activist and mentor.  I’m a self-identified dancer, slam poet, hip-hop educator, documentary filmmaker, and Cycologist.



Alex Reed, PsyD

Role Within the Internship: Internship Advisor

Degree Specialty: PsyD, MPH

Postdoctoral Fellowship: University of Massachusetts Primary Care Psychology Fellowship

Internship: Worcester Youth Guidance Center Graduate School: Illinois School of Professional Psychology – Chicago

Clinical Specialty: Primary Care Psychology

Tidbit About Yourself: I almost went to cooking school during an internship in high school but didn’t want to be on my feet all day. I still love to cook. Ask me for a recipe!


Rodger Kessler, PhD, ABPP

Rodger Kessler, PhD, ABPP

Role Within the Internship: Lead in Research Didactics

Degree Specialty: Health Psychology

Postdoctoral Fellowship: Center for Translational Science, University of Vermont

Internship: VAMC Northampton Massachusetts

Graduate School: University of Vermont

Clinical Specialty: Clinical Psychology

What do you like about supervising or being involved in the internship: The opportunity to expose interns to research and quality improvement.

Tidbit about Yourself: I raise bonsai trees.


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