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We believe that maternity care is an important part of learning about and caring for families throughout the life cycle.  Our goal is to provide foundational obstetrical training for all residents and more advanced training for those who plan to practice obstetrics after graduation.  

To that end, all residents participate in a core obstetrics experience that includes two OB rotations (one in PGY1 at Denver Health and one in PGY2 at University Hospital), clinic-based perinatal care, continuity provider visits and deliveries, and monthly obstetrical didactic learning. 

All residents receive basic training in obstetrical ultrasound, engage in obstetrical simulations in our simulation center, and complete the Advanced Life Support in Obstetrics course.

Additionally, we offer an Advanced Maternity Care Concentration with increased and enhanced maternity care experiences for residents who choose to participate. These residents devote two of their electives to maternity care, present at monthly high-risk OB rounds, present mini-lectures during the OB lecture series at didactics, have higher-risk patients on their OB panel and obtain a higher volume of prenatal care experience.

AMCC participants can choose between the Comprehensive Concentration and the Prenatal Care Concentration. The Comprehensive Concentration is designed for residents who want a stronger skillset enabling them to perform low risk vaginal deliveries upon graduation, in addition to prenatal care. The Prenatal Care Concentration is designed for residents who plan to only provide prenatal and postpartum care upon graduation.

Residents in the concentration are also encouraged to complete scholarly and quality improvement projects related to obstetrical practice and are expected to conduct additional deliveries and intrapartum care. 

The number of skills and procedures required of residents in general and in the Advanced Maternity Care Concentration are as follows.

Skills and ProceduresAll Residents

AMCC - Comprehensive

OB Track

AMCC - Prenatal Track
Continuity Cases*1010 (10 deliveries*)10 (10 deliveries*)
Intrapartum CareAfter R2 rotation: 30

After R2 rotation: 30

By graduation: 80

After R2 rotation: 30

By graduation: 40

Vaginal Deliveries208040
Operative Vaginal Deliveries**000

Perineal Repairs


3rd/4th degree laceration repairs










Cesarean Assist052

Family Medicine (SOM)

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