Burn And Frostbite Intensive Care Unit (BICU)


Interns participating in a minor rotation through the University of Colorado School of Medicine Department of Psychiatry Consultation Liaison (CL) Service will have exposure to a variety of clinical settings and experiences that align with an interest in health service psychology. The scope of the psychiatry consult service spans all of the inpatient medical services in the University of Colorado Hospital. Licensed psychologists are members of the CL team and provide focused consultation and treatment on the Burn and Frost Bite Intensive Care Unit (BICU), the Solid Organ Transplant Center, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation and across inpatient medical units at the University of Colorado Hospital (UCH).

Typically, patients are admitted to the hospital for treatment of medical conditions requiring burn, frostbite and specialty wound care; and may have co-occurring psychiatric, psychosocial concerns that affect their medical care. These psychiatric concerns may be present prior to the patient’s admission to the hospital or may arise during the patient’s stay. The CL team consists of a rotating group of Department of Psychiatry Psychiatrists, Psychologists, as well as medical students, psychiatry residents, and psychiatry fellows. The patient’s medical team requests the services of the consult team when there is a psychiatric concern and the team will conduct an evaluation, make treatment recommendations, provide psychological services, and follow up with the patient as needed.


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