Integrated Behavioral Health

For a healthier body and mind - we care for the whole person.

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Integrated Behavioral Health

For a healthier body and mind - we care for the whole person.

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What is Integrated Behavioral Health Care?

Integrated behavioral health and primary care brings together physical health and behavioral health services in one clinic to treat the whole person - body and mind. 

Fully integrated clinics offer a collaborative, team-based approach that results in better patient outcomes, decreased health care costs, and improved patient and provider satisfaction.

The University of Colorado Department of Family Medicine has an enduring commitment to integrated behavioral health care that stretches back more than 30 years.

  • Providing sustainable high quality, population-based and innovative care for the wellbeing of diverse individuals, families, and communities.  
  • Training the workforce with evidence-based best practices and modeling intentional integrated team care. 
  • Evaluating and disseminating impact and outcomes to contribute to improved health for all.
  • Cultivating an environment of work life wellbeing, appreciation, creativity, and growth for staff, providers, trainees, and self in which to thrive and experience joy in practice.


Creating space and opportunity for all to be healthy and improve societal wellness. 

Inclusive -

  • We endeavor to listen to all perspectives.
  • We respect and honor the road others' have traveled.
  • We work to understand others' values and cultures.
  • We cultivate a culture of safety and respect.
  • We learn about others' contexts, including barriers and privileges.
  • We advocate for invisible/marginalized/underserved populations and communities.
  • We work to cultivate community among our teams, department, and university.
  • We strive to better understand and acknowledge my status/role as well as the people I work with.
  • We work to use status/role/power to raise that of others.
  • We advocate for ways in which BIPOC individuals can be more effectively recruited to enhance diversity across learners and staff. 
  • We strive to be transparent in the ways we support DEI initiatives.
  • We commit to strong multicultural humility through education, experience, and service.
  • We learn from others' successes in promoting and maintaining a working environment of inclusivity.

Empowering - 

  • We empower colleagues, patients and each other. 
  • We empower others professional growth, give opportunity for values and opinions to take shape.
  • We seek opinions of key stakeholders
  • We seek to understand and respect values in the context of clinical care.
  • We recognize other’s strengths and how they contribute solving difficult situations.
  • We elevate the voices of the disempowered and marginalized
  • We ask other what they need to work at their best and support them in access to resources to do so.
  • We trust that making mistakes is part of growth and this occurs at all levels.

Trustworthy -

  • We lead with curiosity.
  • We assume an attitude of positive intent.
  • We protect healthy boundaries.
  • We strive for radical genuineness.
  • We create strong and meaningful relationships.
  • We create trust in our teams.
  • We encourage a growth mindset.
  • We welcome transparency.
  • We model appropriate boundaries
  • We demonstrate grace and compassion.

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