Patient Partners Research Council

Who They Are

Formed in 2010, the CaReNet Patient Partners Research Council (PPRC) gathers regularly (every other month) to serve as patient experts, fully involved in research processes from inception to dissemination.

The CaReNet PPRC consists of 13 patient partners, mainly retired professionals from a variety of fields: engineering, education, sales, nursing, accounting, real estate, and government, who live, work, and play in the Denver/Aurora metro area of Colorado. This group is staffed out of the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus in the Department of Family Medicine.


Topics Of Interest

Beginning around the end of 2018, the CaReNet PPRC began internally discussing struggles they had experienced with caring for loved ones with Alzheimers or dementia, as many in the group have served in this caregiver role, or have had close loved ones that they have seen struggle with these diseases for years.

The conversation has since turned to learning about and understanding the burdens this type of care places on the caregivers; subsequently the group has reached out to several researchers at the University of Colorado to help provide education and background knowledge on this topic.

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History of the CaReNet Patient Partners Research Council


CaReNet PPRC History of Graphic


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