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Need help with research, scholarship, or evaluation in the DFM? Consider the DFM Inquiry Portal!

Turning curiosity about what matters to us into inquiry that makes a difference to us.

The Inquiry Portal is the place for DFM faculty and staff to submit requests for help with research, evaluation and/or scholarship.

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Requests can be submitted for: survey creation, data analysis, presentations, manuscripts, evaluation, grant editing/writing, workflow diagrams, regulatory assistance, community engagement assistance, health equity-related proposal guidance, and Pilot and Exploratory Program (PEP) requests. 

Inquiry Team

Carlee Kreisel
Carlee Kreisel (she/her)
Research Services Specialist
Jodi Holtrop (she/her) 
Vice Chair for Research, DFM 
Allison Lee (she/her)
Business Services Senior Professional
Carlos Rodriguez (he/him)
Senior Instructor, Statistical Data Analyst
Elizabeth Staton
Elizabeth Staton (she/her) 
Senior Instructor, Technical Writer

Example Completed Inquiry Requests


Transform a hand drawn workflow diagram into a digital product for the reducing inbasket burden group. Requestors: Julianne Garrison & Aimee English | Inquiry Personnel: Carlee Kreisel 

Document createdDirect patient messaging workflow_2023

Create a poster for NAPCRG for the PATHWEIGH project. Requestor: Jodi Holtrop | Inquiry Personnel: Allison Sands 

Document createdPATHWEIGH Poster_NAPCRG 2022

Create a curriculum for medical students who want to do survey design as part of their mentored scholarly activity. Requestor: Jill VanWyk | Inquiry Personnel: Carlee Kreisel and Carlos Rodriguez 

Document createdMSA Survey Research Curriculum DFM v10.18.23

Assist with Better Together Clinician Coaching RCT including help with COMIRB, listing, REDCap survey & database, gift card program, data collection, fielding coaching participant requests, randomization, data analysis, manuscript writing.

Requestor: Jennifer Caragol | Inquiry Personnel: Carlee Kreisel and Carlos Rodriguez

Manuscript in progress

Pilot and Exploratory Program (PEP)  

Do you have a pilot or exploratory project needing funding or personnel help? PEP supports research in DFM that is focused on pilot or exploratory work. If you are interested in applying to PEP, please submit an initial request to discuss your idea using the DFM Inquiry Portal which will add you to the queue and initiate scheduling for an initial meeting with Carlee Kreisel, Research Services Specialist.

For an overview of PEP and the required proposal content for submission, we encourage you to review (but not complete) the PEP Request Template prior to meeting with Carlee.

Submit Initial PEP Inquiry

If your project idea is determined to be a good fit (please reference the PEP Request Template), you will be invited to submit a full PEP proposal.


Rolling deadlines for completed PEP proposal: January 1, April 1, July 1, October 1

Approved PEP Project Examples


Project Aims 

Inquiry Help Provided 

Understanding language used by PCPs in meeting (or not) the mental health and social needs of their patients with diabetes. Anne Nederveld, Caroline Tietbohl, Lauren Tolle 

Aim 1: Identify key factors in clinician-patient communication specific to the issues intersecting mental health, social needs, and diabetes 

Aim 2: Evaluate the relationship between these factors and people with diabetes (PWD) psychosocial and biological outcomes 

  • Funding for participant incentives, video equipment, & transcription 
  • Regulatory assistance
  • Project management support   
  • Scheduling participants
  • Data collection (conducting interviews and administering measures)
  • REDCap survey creation
  • Gift card program creation, management, & distribution
  • Equipment purchasing
  • Transcription coordination 

Feasibility and efficacy of a single session behavioral pain management class on pain catastrophizing, resilience, patient reported functional outcomes, and opioid use Jill VanWyk, Vanessa Rollins

Aim 1: Understand whether an evidence based single session pain class will improve post-surgical outcomes in patients undergoing elective orthopedic surgery at-risk for persistent post-surgical pain 

Aim 2: Understand if Empowered Relief will demonstrate feasibility, efficacy, and scalability in this surgical population.

  • Funding for participant incentives & transcription  
  • Regulatory assistance  
  • Project management support   
  • Scheduling participants 
  • Interview guide creation assistance 
  • Conducting interviews  
  • Gift card program creation, management, & distribution 
  • Transcription coordination 
  • Interview analysis 


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Vice Chair for Research

Carlee Kreisel, MPH 
Research Services Specialist
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