Inspiring partnerships between family medicine practices & their communities to enhance health.


The successful practice of Family Medicine depends on engaging and connecting with the Community.

The CU Department of Family Medicine understands that – and through focusing on this vital connection we seek to promote the fulfillment of the vision for Family Medicine described in the Folsom Report: A discipline practicing primary care embedded in and partnering with communities of solution.

We will lead Family Medicine in taking responsibility for developing the science, methods, practice, and curricula that equip those in our discipline with the knowledge and skills to effectively partner with communities to catalyze the connections and activities that promote health.

Community is deeply woven into the DNA of our Department.

The Community mission area aims to work across each of the other department mission areas of Patient Care, Education & Training, Research & Innovation, and Diversity & Health Equity.

COVID-19 Work, Resources, & Information

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Community Engagement Forum


The ACCORDS Education Program and Community Engagement Core and the CCTSI Community Engagement Core have partnered to offer a forum for investigators and study teams conducting community/stakeholder-engaged research. 

These forum will run quarterly and include brief seminars from leading engagement scholars and community research partners. Additionally, this will serve as a learning community for sharing best practices and lessons learned. The forum will be geared towards supporting investigators and study teams throughout design, conduct, and dissemination of engaged research.

What is Community Engagement? - October 23, 2019

How to Show Up; Working In and With Community. - January 29, 2020

Maintaining Community Connections and Relationships During the COVID-19 Crisis. -  April 29, 2020

The Relevance of CBPR for Promoting Health Equity During the Time of COVID-19. -  August 15. 2020

Future Leaders of Community Engaged Research: Education, Experience, and Lessons Learned From Student Research



Check out the new hand-drawn illustrations that demonstrate how stakeholders and friends of the Department of Family Medicine (DFM) representing campus, community, state, and discipline of family medicine come together to shape the purpose and work of the DFM Community mission area.

Community Mission

CU School of Medicine & Community

Family Medicine Community News


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LGBTQ+ Health Equity

DFM Researcher Studies Cause and Cure for Health Disparities





ACCORDS Health Equity Seminar Series

Community Engagement Forum

Dr. Donald Nease, Vice Chair for Community, kicks things off for the first quarterly Community     

                                              Engagement Forum, presented via ZOOM.

                                              Watch it now.


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Sheryl Harrington
Program Manager - Community


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