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    Mind the Brain: Dr. Kent Hutchison on Cannabidiol (or CBD) Research

    May 10, 2022
    On this episode of Mind the Brain, Dr. Epperson is joined by Dr. Kent Hutchison to discuss Cannabidiol (or CBD) research. Dr. Hutchison is a professor at the CU Anschutz Department of Psychiatry, and also works as an adjunct professor at the University of Colorado Boulder in their Psychology and Neuroscience department. He is affiliated with the CU-Boulder Institute of Cognitive Science, where he conducts research on combining neuroimaging, epigenetic, pharmacological, and clinical perspectives to develop more effective addiction intervention and prevention strategies. Most recently, he is conducting alcohol and cannabis research, neuroimaging, and blood-based biomarkers under one conceptual framework that emphasizes the cannabinoids, endocannabinoids, inflammation, and the brain. On this episode, Dr. Epperson and Dr. Hutchison discuss CBD research in Psychiatry.
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    Mind the Brain: Lily Luo and Emmaly Perks on the PURPLE Program

    Apr 19, 2022
    This week on Mind the Brain, Dr. Epperson is joined by Emmaly Perks and Lily Luo – the directors behind the CU Psychiatry PURPLE program. PURPLE stands for Psychiatry Undergraduate Research Program and Learning Experience, and is designed to introduce young people to the field of mental health by encouraging participation in supervised research activities. On this episode, Dr. Epperson and her guests talk about this program and how it has opened a pathway to careers in medicine for many students.
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  • 26 April

    Get Psyched

    Apr 24, 2022
    Dr. Liz Chamberlain was interviewed by Fox31. She provided tips on how to find and access affordable therapy...
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  • 12 April

    Get Psyched

    Apr 11, 2022
    Dr. Rachel Davis was interviewed by the CU Anschutz Department of Surgery where she shared her experience with living organ donation...
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    Get Psyched

    Mar 21, 2022
    Dr. Andrew Novick was interviewed for an article titled "Why Birth Control Side Effects Have Eluded Science" in Undark, a non-profit, editorially independent digital magazine exploring the intersection of science and society...
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    Mind the Brain: Dr. Winnie Hunter on Sexual Health

    Mar 15, 2022
    On this new episode of Mind the Brain, Dr. Neill Epperson is joined by Dr. Winnie Hunter. Dr. Hunter is a Senior Instructor and Clinical Psychologist in the Department of Psychiatry at the CU Anschutz Medical Campus, and the lead therapist for the Women's Sexual Health Consultation Service within the CU Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology. On this episode, Dr. Epperson and Dr. Hunter discuss all things sexual health: what is it? How do we get it? How do we know when we have it? How do we maintain it?
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