OB-GYN Resident Research Studies

2021 Resident Research Day

All residents present a research project on a designated resident research day at the end of their third year of residency. This is attended by a large number of faculty and nearly all residents. The graduating senior class also invites a Visiting Professor for a lecture presentation. Clinics and elective surgeries are not scheduled for this day. Each resident has a faculty mentor who assists and advises the resident in the conduct and presentation of this project. Residents su bmit written proposals for research, with an identified mentor, by the end of the PGY-2. There is a six-week elective rotation block in the PGY-2, which may be used as research time, or the resident may conduct his or her research during other times of the year.

2021 Resident Research Projects

A retrospective cohort study evaluating the efficacy of surgical site infection prevention bundle for cesarean delivery at Denver Health Medical Center

Resident: Catherine Callinan, MD
Primary Mentor: Stefka Fabbri, MD, MPH
Additional Collaborator: Kent Heyborne, MD and Meredith Alston, MD

Assessing inequities in cervical cancer quality of care and survival related to ethnicity and socioeconomic factors

Resident: Christopher Cantwell, MD
Primary Mentor: Saketh Guntupalli, MD
Additional Collaborator: Marisa Moroney, MD and Jeanelle Sheeder, PhD, MSPH

Peripartum life stressors and postpartum contraception use detected in the Colorado PRAMS survey

Resident: Jessica Crowe, MD
Primary Mentor: Rebecca Cohen, MD, MPH
Additional Collaborators: Jeanelle Sheeder, PhD, MSPH

Use of postpartum birth control in women in Southwest Guatemala: a secondary analysis of a quality-improvement database

Resident: Kathryn Feller, MD
Primary Mentor: Margo Harrison, MD

Maternal adverse childhood experiences are associated with delivering small for gestational age infants

Resident: Jamie Gilroy, MD
Primary Mentors: Jennifer Hyer, MD
Additional Collaborator: M. Camille Hoffman, MD, MSc

Clinicopathologic evaluation of CTNNB1 gene mutations in high-intermediate risk endometrial cancer

Resident: Jennifer Haag, MD, MPH
Primary Mentor: Bradley Corr, MD
Additional Collaborator: Marisa Moroney, MD and Jeanelle Sheeder, PhD, MSPH

Can we safely forgo hysterectomy in non-fertility-sparing surgery for borderline ovarian tumors?

Resident: Breana Hill, MD
Primary Mentor: Carolyn Lefkowits, MD, MPH, MS
Additional Collaborators: Marisa Moroney, MD and Jeanelle Sheeder, PhD, MSPH

Patient adherence to recommendations for follow-up after cryotherapy treatment of cervical dysplasia

Resident: Taylor Lendrum (Pitt), MD
Primary Mentor: Elaine Stickrath, MD
Additional Collaborators: Meredith Alston, MD

All Bleeding Stops: Maternal Transfusion and Severe Maternal Morbidity after Use of a Postpartum Hemorrhage Bundle

Resident: Jeanne Sullivan, MD
Primary Mentor: Stefka Fabbri, MD, MPH
Additional Collaborators: Nicole Larrea, MD


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