OB-GYN Resident Research Studies

All residents present a research project on a designated resident research day at the end of their third year of residency. This is attended by a large number of faculty and nearly all residents. The graduating senior class also invites a Visiting Professor for a lecture presentation. Clinics and elective surgeries are not scheduled for this day. Each resident has a faculty mentor who assists and advises the resident in the conduct and presentation of this project. Residents su bmit written proposals for research, with an identified mentor, by the end of the PGY-2. There is a six-week elective rotation block in the PGY-2, which may be used as research time, or the resident may conduct his or her research during other times of the year.

2020 Resident Research Projects

Continuation rates of immediate postpartum long-acting reversible contraceptives as compared to those placed at the postpartum visit

Resident: ​Rosella Bissonnette, MD
Primary Mentor: Jeanelle Sheeder, PhD
Additional Collaborator: Jennifer Hyer, MD

Comparison of noninvasive genetic screening methods among low-risk pregnant women

Resident: ​Elizabeth Clain, MD
Primary Mentor: Shane Reeves, MD
Additional Collaborators: Jeanelle Sheeder, PhD; Virginia Lijewski, MPH; Beth Bailey, PhD

Developing and Validating a Prediction Model for Postpartum Hemorrhage at a Single Safety-net Tertiary Care Center

Resident: ​Lindsay Goad, MD
Primary Mentor: Stefka Fabbri, MD, MPH
Additional Collaborators: Kent Heyborne, MD; Karilynn Rockhill, MPH; John Schwarz, PhD

Effects of Reproductive Intentions on Post-partum Contraception in Young Mothers

Resident: ​Mary Kinyoun, MD
Primary Mentor: Stephanie B. Teal, MD, MPH
Additional Collaborator: Jeanelle Sheeder, PhD

Scripted telephone counseling in preparing patients for colposcopy

Resident: ​Alida Leavitt, MD
Primary Mentors: Meredith Alston, MD and Elaine Stickrath, MD
Additional Collaborator: Kari Rockhill, MPH

Performance of Colposcopy: High-volume versus low-volume colposcopists

Resident: ​Alyson Otero, MD
Primary Mentor: Christine Conageski, MD, MSc
Additional Collaborator: Jeanelle Sheeder, PhD, MSPH

Ethical issues identified by medical students vary according to obstetrics and gynecology rotational site

Resident: ​Kelsey Petrie, MD
Primary Mentor: Maryam Guiahi, MD, MSc
Additional Collaborators: Allyson Adams, BA and Jacqueline Glover PhD

Comparison of contraceptive uptake and short interpregnancy interval rates among Emergency and Traditional Medicaid patients

Resident: ​Carrie Wilson, MD
Primary Mentor: Maryam Guiahi, MD MSc
Additional Collaborators: Aaron Lazorwitz, MD MSCS and Jennifer Hyer, MD

Reproductive health services for women incarcerated in the US: A scoping review

Resident: ​Joanna Wong, MD
Primary Mentor: Maryam Guiahi MD, MSc
Additional Collaborators: Lauren Carpenter BS; Jason Bunn BS; Carolyn Sufrin MD, PhD; Kristen, DeSanto MSLS


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