OB-GYN Resident Research Studies

All residents present a research project on a designated resident research day at the end of their third year of residency. This is attended by a large number of faculty and nearly all residents. The graduating senior class also invites a Visiting Professor for a lecture presentation. Clinics and elective surgeries are not scheduled for this day. Each resident has a faculty mentor who assists and advises the resident in the conduct and presentation of this project. Residents su bmit written proposals for research, with an identified mentor, by the end of the PGY-2. There is a six-week elective rotation block in the PGY-2, which may be used as research time, or the resident may conduct his or her research during other times of the year.

2019​ Resident Research Projects

Recommendations from cannabis dispensaries about first trimester cannabis use

Resident: ​Betsy Dickson, MD
Primary Mentor: Torri Metz, MD, MS
Additional Collaborators: Maryam Guiahi, MD, MSc; Chanel Mansfield, MPH; Aman​da A. Allshouse, MS; Laura M. Borgelt, PharmD; Jeanelle Sheeder, PhD and Robert M. Silver, MD

Risk factors for development of vaginal cuff cellulitis following benign hysterectomy: A Retrospective Cohort Study

Resident: ​Javier Gonzalez, MD
Primary Mentor: Tyler Muffly, MD
Additional Collaborators: Maryam Guiahi, MD, MSc; Aakriti Carrubba, MD and B Van Horn

Brief versus Thong Hygiene in Obstetrics and Gynecology (B-THONG): A Survey Study

Resident: ​Alyssa Hamlin, MD
Primary Mentor: Tyler Muffly, MD
Additional Collaborators: Jeanelle Sheeder, PhD

Decreased Levels of Follicular Fluid Saturated Fatty Acids are Associated with Diminished Ovarian Reserve

Resident: ​Ivy S. Lin, MD
Primary Mentor: Malgorzata E. Skaznik-Wikiel, MD
Additional Collaborators: Michael Rudolph, PhD; Natalie Hohos, PhD; Kirstin Cho, BS and Liesl Nel-Themaat, PhD

Preoperative Opioid Use in Gynecologic Oncology: A Common Comorbidity Relevant to the Perioperative Period

Resident: ​Megan Ross, MD, MPH
Primary Mentor: Carolyn Lefkowits, MD, MPH
Additional Collaborators: Lindsay Wheeler, MD and Dina Flink, PhD

Reasons given by pregnant teenagers for the occurrence of pregnancy differ by race/ethnicity

Resident: ​Porshia Underwood, MD
Primary Mentor: Jeanelle Sheeder, PhD
Additional Collaborators: Stephanie Teal, MD, MPH and Jennifer Pitotti, MD

Total evaluation time for early pregnancy concerns in an Early Pregnancy Unit compared to an Emergency Department

Resident: ​Sarah VanArendonk, MD
Primary Mentor: Meredith J. Alston, MD, Elaine Stickrath, MD
Additional Collaborators: Amanda A. Allshouse, MS; Karilynn Rockhill, MPH and Emery Shekiro, MPH

Predicting Ovarian Torsion in Pediatric Patients via Sonographic Uterine to Ovarian Ratio Measurements

Resident: ​Brittany Vaplon, MD
Primary Mentor: Stephen Scott, MD
Additional Collaborators: Maxene Meier, MS

African American Race is a Predictor of Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy Use Over Primary Debulking Surgery in Women with Advanced Stage Ovarian Cancer

Resident: ​Gabrielle T. Whitmore, MD
Primary Mentor: Saketh Guntupalli, MD
Additional Collaborators: Amin Ramzan, MD and Jeanelle Sheeder, PhD


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